Sunday, March 27, 2011

what a camping trip

As part of our 20 to do in 2011 Michael wanted to take the kids camping/fishing more often. So this was his weekend to do it all. Pity we have had the wettest year on record so every camping spot was under water or so sloppy we could barely get there. But he is a determined stubborn bugger so first thing this morning we went for a drive to find somewhere

you see all that mud? it was over the bonnet that's how much mud we drove through.  I am not a good 4WDer. I braced myself the entire time. My muscles were sore when we got home.

So even though we couldn't get to any of our normal spots Michael still had faith. So after lunch he packed the boys up and piled stuff into his his car and they were off. Charlie and I were in for a quiet weekend. I was much better than last time. I had a small person to keep me occupied this time.

He's a serious camper my husband, only one night but look at all that stuff.
About 3 hours after they left I heard the car in the driveway and a sad Daddy followed by two sad tired looking kids walked behind him. New plan, camping at home.

The boys in their tent.They still got to have sausages on a stick so they had smiles on their faces. Charlie and I had Chicken out on the lawn with them, then we followed it up with marshmallows on the fire. We may have snuck inside to watch Alvin and the chipmunks but they were straight back outside after that for proper camping, there my even be bacon and eggs cooking as I speak, I love camping at home.

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