Saturday, July 31, 2010

A day in the life...

I am completely stealing this idea from Shell.  Thanks hun.

A day in the life of..well us. It would be nice in 10 or 20 years to be able to find my little blog and tell the boys (or their boys ?!) what it was like when they were tiny cherubs.

So this is a typical day:
5.45-6 am Michael disappears off to work well before I'm awake, although he sometimes see's James.
6.30am My alarm grr... roll over to find a wide awake little boy staring at me. Oh James when will you ever sleep in your own bed past 5am?
6.45am Jack climbs in for a cuddle we all lay in bed discussing the day, and what we'll do.
6.55am Get my butt in the shower. Get the boys out of my bed and out to the lounge room
7.15am Get the boys breakfast and make coffee for me, stick iPod on kids songs for a quick sing and dance while they eat and I make Jack's lunch for school. Big question for today: peanut butter or vegemite and cheese?
7.30am Hear Charlie talking in his cot sneak in for cuddles before the big boys realise he's awake and want him to themselves.

7.40am Harass children to eat quicker or we will be late for school. Get myself dressed out of clean washing basket.

7.45am Share bowl of just right with Charlie, he likes it more than me, no surprise for the tank.
7.55am Fight with Jack about getting dressed while changing Charlies nappy and trying to dress him.
8.05am Get big boys dressed and clean teeth, make sure Jack doesn't have crazy bed hair.
8.15am Get lunch, power snack, drink bottle and homework in Jack's bag.
8.20am Find shoes for Jack and James and me, and socks for Charlie that he hasn't chewed on this morning.
8.25am Get everyone in the car and get to school.
8.30-8.50am Discover Charlie has ripped socks off in the 3 minutes it takes to get to school and chewed them, oh well sockless today. Chat with mums and keep an eye on James make sure Jacks doing the right thing and has unpacked his school bag.
8.55am Get little boys in the car and get home before Charlie falls asleep.
9.15am Get Charlie a bottle have quick cuddle and put him down for his nap. Put on cars for James to watch and morning tea and a 'gink' .
10am Unstack dishwasher, re stack dishwasher, stick on load of clothes, pretend to be interested in James telling me whats happening on cars (there has been someone in the house obsessed with it for the last 3 years, I know the movie so well it scares me) clean toilet (daily job with so much boy wee everywhere), check emails, facie, birth club, blog, eBay (what too much?)
10.45am Get Charlie up, change his nappy. Take boys outside for a play.
11.30-12. Fight with James about no more morning tea because its almost lunch, while hanging out washing.
Midday. Make us all lunch (french toast and yogurt) laugh at Charlie trying to feed me his lunch, try to get Charlie to say Dad and wave bye bye. No luck so far.
1pm. Make Charlie a bottle and change his nappy. Try to convince James if he has a nap now he will be more energised to play with Jack after school.
1.05pm Bring in first load of washing and fold whilst watching some dodgy TV.
1.30pm Check on James tell him to get back in bed and close his eyes.
1.45pm Get something out for dinner and unstack dishwasher. Mop floors while everyone is asleep.
2.40pm Get boys up and in the car and get to school before pick up time.
3pm Try to convince Jack he doesn't have to have every single kid over for a play today.
3.15pm Afternoon tea time, try to talk to Jack about school before he and James escape outside to play. Play with Charlie and get second load of washing in and get dinner ready.
4.45pm Try to drag big boys inside.
5.15pm Tell boys they are dead meat if they don't get their butts inside, fight with them to get in the bath while bathing Charlie.
5.30pm Fight with them to get out of the bath. Get three boys dry and dressed. Watch 5 minutes of Jacks show deal or no deal.
6pm Get dinner on the table before Charlie completely melts down.
6-6.30pm Fight with James about veggies, make ahh face at Charlie and listen to Jack telling me about school. Oh and eat my own dinner.
6.30pm Try to listen to the news while the boys are playing and Charlie is dancing and singing in front of the TV
7pm Michael finally gets home. After his shower sit and watch him eat and talk about our day with Charlie on my lap, first time either of us have seen him all day, and its a competition who gets first cuddles, of course the boys win.
7.30pm Fight with boys about quiet time and not running jumping yelling fighting. Get Charlie his bed time bottle and get his sleeping bag on. Cuddles for Daddy before bed.
8pm Convince Jack that top gear is not on everyday. Make sure Jack's homework is done. Get Michael to clean the big boys teeth, read them a story and put them to bed while I clean the kitchen.
8.30pm Finish folding washing, watch crap TV with Michael and talk rubbish to each other before we both pass out.

Now I've re written this a few times and it still sounds horrendous! I know I'm busy but it looks much worse in print than it does while I'm doing it!

So whats a day in the life of you like?? Have a go, you might find your day is much different than you expected!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday was Michael's big day. He had his first race meeting as president, and I'm lead to believe it went pretty well, apart from one fight and one drunk girl Michael had to rescue from the toilet and put her back in her very little dress (poor thing!) all went pretty smooth for a charity country race, and one of the big sponsors had a few drinks with the race committee after it was all over and has offered double the sponsorship for next year they were so impressed with how things went.

My handsome boy.

One of the few times I saw Michael all day he snapped one pic for me. Do you think my outfit matched my polly dolly's outfit?

Poor Charlie was determined to crawl through the crowd to the BBQ or the bar. Either way I had to keep him entertained close to me, which included a few games of peek a boo and lots of snacks! Next year he'll be walking and hopefully that will mean an easier day.

My fashions of the field winner. He looks so grown up!
Picture taken by my lovely friend Janita, who as you can see has a much better camera than me! Thanks hun!

So now were off to the track to clean up and pack everything away, then I don't want to hear anything about racing for the next 12 months!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We did the mash..

It was a grave yard smash!
I don't know why but whenever I get to the title on a blog post a song comes to mind. This one is very appropriate.

This week the boys and I have been tired and cranky with each other so Thursday night I decided we would do something fun to get us out of our crank.

I made sure we had enough time to have a long fun bath instead of rushing. I put loads of bubbles in with the food dye(just a few drops) so they didn't realise when they first got in, after the bubbles dissolved they thought it was amazing that they weren't turning blue. Then we made rock star hair do's

Even at 3 I know we are going to have trouble with him as a teenager.

This one defiantly is not going to be a rock star. Bless him James had to teach him what fingers to put up : )

So then I made monster mash

which as you can see, is gross. Its was potato pumpkin and cauliflower with blue food dye (turned green thanks to the pumpkin.) With a rissole and some steamed veggies. I haven't made it for a while because Jack chucked a wobbly last time and refused to eat it.
This time they loved it, teasing Dad with it (we had mash pre food dye) Dad thought it was gross.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do next week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Polly Dolly

This week's polly dolly is perfect for me.
This weekend is our race day and as I am wife of 'El Presidento' (his words not mine) I sort of have to go.

Last time Michael and I went to the races it was Melbourne Cup Day 2004 (2nd Nov to be exact) and by the time we left I had an engagement ring. This time I will leave probably covered in dirt and food with three cranky tired kids. Oh and no husband as he will still be there well after dark cleaning up, organising things, counting the profits etc.
I know your thinking wheres the pink?!
Well as I have completely ran out of time to buy something new I had a dig through whats left in my wardrobe (I have been selling all the stuff I don't wear on eBay and have no party dresses left) I have a boring black dress that I am going to team with my newest fave cardigan which is not quite this colour but close enough. I'm going to paint my nails and toe nails this awesome metallic blue, have my big black heels on and loads of blue accessories, gorgeous hair flower to cover the fact I need a hair cut, I wont be wearing the sapphire and white gold earrings but I might be able to find something. Jean Paul Gaultier perfume (of course) and tinted lips and big Katie Price inspired eyelashes.

To play along or check out some other race outfits head over to Danielle's 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Those Dawson rivers kids...

This is what I did today

I was so obsessed with this show when it first started and so on Saturday while I was getting the kids a surprise DVD or two I grabbed the first disc's of season 1 and guess what, I remembered the whole thing!
Now that I'm a 'grown up' it seems so silly and juvenile but back in the day I was a fantic.
So tell me What were you obsessed with as a teenager?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme for My Place and Yours over at Hello Owl is Whats on your fridge?
I think for us its more like whats not on your fridge?!

Even with our side by side fridge freezer every side of our fridge looks a little like this as well, except it has shopping list whiteboard and shopping list notebook, things cut out of newspapers that mum has sent me and more photos!

We have the numbers letters and words that all family's of small kids seem to have, lots of artworks including some made by the kids I look after (I felt very special when they were making stuff for me not just for their own mum) hand prints of all three kids, beautiful postcards from my mumma, lots of photos, my pink frangipani is full of things like unpaid bills, takeout menus, people phone numbers and recipes that I've jotted down really quick.

I'm starting to think maybe I need to do a clean off of our fridge, before the doors fall off!

To play along or have a sneak peak at other people fridges head here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Place & Yours

This week's theme at the lovely Danielle's is Kitchen Love.
I have figured out I need to play straight away otherwise its Sunday night and I'm laying in bed kicking myself I haven't played yet!

I have no love for our kitchen.
It is small, has one dish draw, not two(no idea what happened there), doesn't fit all my kitchen stuff, is a yucky blue green colour with horrendous cafe curtains and a saucepan hanger with no hooks. To top it off it has a door frame with no door from the kitchen to the laundry. Ah the joys of renting.

So this is my kitchen love. I love to see my darling in the kitchen, his style of cooking is totally different to mine and its fascinating to watch him cook(read as make mess). Here he is making his lunch for tomorrow with no shirt on, still in his work pants and Jack's Donkey ears (I have my Princess Fiona ears on so I am no better : )

Now that's what I call Kitchen Love : )


Well this must have been the easiest competition to win. The big three entrants have a 33.33333% chance of winning!
I was hoping a few more people would actually enter (I'm looking at you Dad!) but thats ok, fingers crossed my 2nd anniversary of blog land will go down better! Thanks to Hayley Amy and Lisa for entering. Especially to Lisa for her lovely comment : )
So I know your scanning to see who won aren't you?
Well the winner is

I want to see a post from you in the not to distant future showing us what you do with your new artwork : )

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Yep were going away, its only for 2 nights but it includes a spa, a TV in our bedroom and no cooking or cleaning for 2 days. Bliss.

Were going mainly for this

yes it is days like this that I know I'm a mumma of boys. The boys are so excited they keep asking which coloured truck they get to drive (they are dreaming).

I'd like to fit in a few other things like some ten pin bowling, putt putt golf (if I can find one!) and maybe even the crocodile farm (although I'd like to talk Michael out of that one)
I'm starting to think our boys have the best parents in the world! : )

See you all on sunday! xx

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today is a big day for me. One year ago today I started blogging.

So to celebrate this very fun milestone I'm giving you a chance to win some gorgeous very cool art.
As Danielle was the one who inspired me to blog, I thought what a better giveaway than some of her fabulous artworks?

So with Danielle's generosity I am giving you the chance to win these 4 postcard size prints from her Made It  store. All you have to do is tell me...

What/who inspired you to blog?

Become a follower and leave a comment with your answer, make sure your email address is either on your blog or if you don't have a blog leave it in your comment. If you win but I can't contact you I will have to re-draw. Giveaway finishes on the 12th of July 2010. AEST. Giveaway only available to Australian readers.


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