Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain Rain...

...Go away.
Were having a seriously wet week.
This morning Jack still has a yucky looking eye so for the forth day in a row he's stuck at home with me. Poor kid.
Today is one of James' Kindy days so instead of driving him the 2 blocks we decided to walk in the rain.
I have fond memories of going for walks in the rain at their age. Now as an adult I realise my mum didn't drive so if we were going somewhere we would have walked. At the time it seemed like a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Yes I dressed my children in shorts and gumboots. Its raining but its still Queensland.

These are all the boots I found in our shoe box, Charlie was already wearng his blue gumboots. Seriously just because your a boy doesn't mean you must wear blue.
My aim for this winter is to not buy them any more blue shoes/clothes. Five pairs of blue gumboots but only three children. I am hopeless.


  1. Haha. That IS a a lot of gumboots. I love wandering in the rain.

  2. Unfortunatly my boots didn't survive the walk. I need to buy myself some gumboots!

  3. That is funny, I send my son out in a nappy and boots (which sadly are now to small). Less mess to clean up and everything is so wet, plus I find they grip a bit better. So much rain makes everything slippery.


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