Friday, March 4, 2011

My place and yours

Although this is the boys having their afternoon tea this is also where we have dinner. Very boring I know, nothing can live on our table as it would get broken/destroyed by the cyclone that we call our youngest child. I have also almost scrubbed the lacquer off our table. I am hoping by Christmas we have a new dining table and chairs, nothing crazy or fancy just something that matches!

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  1. I love it. We had a big sturdy timber table when I was growing up. I am still sad to think of it being sold. I would LOVE to have it now. Yours just reminded me of it. Similar colour and no lacquer left.

  2. Oh dear, see I keep thinking that as well, do I really want to get rid of it? Should I just buy some decent chairs and get the table fixed! guess I'll figure it out!

  3. i am pining for a new dining setting too, but they are so damn expensive!!! i say strip the rest of the clear coat off and do it up youself! it could be really fun and you'd have the memories still and something extra to be proud of and dress it up with new chairs!! my table is a shityy old laminate thing with ripped and painted seats, was a hand me down from my mum who got it at some garagel sale or another!

  4. I Kate, I love your table. It looks like allot of fun times have been created there.

  5. Nita I priced 6 chairs and it was going to cost me $600 with no table! Ridiculous expensive!
    Thanks Danielle it sure has seen a lot of creating!


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