Sunday, March 13, 2011

Polly Dolly

blog meet
blog meet by mrsstano22 featuring velour handbags

I am so jealous of all these blogger meet ups that I'm missing out on at the moment. But at least I can pretend by dressing my polly, that works doesn't it?
So I decided to take Danielle's advice and stick with what your comfortable in. So a super cute dress, very fun flats, I had to get a little pink in their somewhere! A shrug cardigan in case its cool. A big bag to fit all my most important things. Mascara for great eyes and lip gloss, you must look your best in all those photos that you and others would be taking! Pink earrings to match the awesome shoes and I LOVE these bracelets! I may have to look in to some for myself!
We would obviously sip tea from very cool cups and eat cupcakes til we were full. Sigh. I wanna go!

Play along with Danielle. You know you want to!


  1. HEY! we are having a meet up tomorrow! i have a technically its a blog meet up?? lol mwuahahah see u at 10.10am :) p.s i got you guys coffee.....and possibly cake ;)

  2. Hahaha your so right! I wonder if I can do a post about that sort of blogger meet? Coffee and cake you are awesome!

  3. Love the flats and really want the bangles...very cute outfit!

  4. They are pretty cute hey! I am off to ebay xx

  5. Cute set. Don't worry we are just as sad as you are you couldn't be there.

    And seriously, get in a car for April. Or a train. I'll house you. Promise. I have a whole half a house unused. You wouldn't even need to talk to us if you didn't want to. I'm just sayin'!

  6. I can imagine you and I together silent...hahahaha as if!
    Its 2 dys after my big boys birthday and 2 weeks before we drive 16 hours to my home town. Just cant be done!


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