Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just so you don't forget

Yep just in case you forgot what my beautiful boys look like here are a couple of new pictures.
I was mucking around with the big boys while Charlie was asleep one day, I love the look on Jack's face!

Daddy and Charlie having a little cuddle on the lounge

My funny boy, still wont sleep if I lay him down flat, he's going to get too big for the swing soon though so he'll just have to learn to sleep in the cot! He's become a chucker which is why he's always got a bib on, keeps drinking even though he's full and then pukes up what he cant really fit in his belly, just like Jack and James did!

I just love his little feet, even though its not a great picture, still makes me smile :o)

Friday, October 30, 2009

So pretty

Well its official the 25yr old Kate is the same as the 19yr old Kate. I still love love love shoes! I started googling some fashion stuff this morning to blog about and I kept getting caught up in the shoe section!
How beautiful are these shoes?! I have no idea where I would wear them or what I would wear them with but who cares they are divine!
I also couldn't go past this adorable Jimmy Choo bag. As if I would ever spend $500+ on a handbag that will end up with nappies and snacks in it. It actually looks like it might have pockets on the side for putting kids drink bottles :o) I'm sure that's not what its for, but its nice to dream!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Part 2

I've had a re-vamp, whataya think?? I'm getting very caught up in finding the new me, not in a creepy hippy sense of the phrase, I'm not planning to run away to India and study aromatherapy, nothing quite that dramatic, I'm just thinking about what I'm doing and who or what I'm doing it for. I remember when Jack was born I decided I needed to be a sensible responsible grown up to prove to everyone that even though I was only 21 I could be a good mum, in doing that I got rid of all the silly fun things I loved to do, but now I'm 25 and married with 3 kids I think its time to start doing silly things just for me and acting 25 not 45! Frangipanis are my favorite flower in the whole wide world, (the reason behind the new pic)There so delicate and soft and have such a beautiful soft scent, unfortunately they have become very popular and trendy in the last few years, so I feel like one of the crowd. Fortunately when we had our wedding I could find lots of frangipani stuff : ) Tomorrow I think we'll move onto fashion, I cant wait!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've decided

This is my blog, but it seems to be all about my beautiful family and no so much about me, I'm not sure where I went but I know when it happened:
Engaged to my darling hubby at 20
First baby at 21
Married at 22
Second baby at 23
Pregnant with no.3 at 24
Mummy to 3 at 25
I'm not saying I don't love my little boys or my special big guy but I guess I got put on the back burner and never really came back. I know what I used to do/buy/want but I'm not sure the 19yr old Kate and the 25yr old Kate will be the same, I don't think my husband would be very impressed if I started going to BnS balls, partying every weekend, buying far too many shoes/handbags/CDs every week!
SO I am going to try to blog and buy/do something for me more often, starting today, and find out what the 25yr old Kate likes :o)
This is my favorite perfume, thanks to my sister who got me hooked my first year at high school, no high school kid can afford to wear this!
Its by a french fashion designer called Jean Paul Gaultier, who else do you want to design your perfume, of course a fashion designer!

Isn't it the nicest perfume bottle you have ever seen?

So tell me what part of you have you put on the back burner?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My beautiful special boys

I know your saying why isn't she packing?
Well I ran out of boxes and newspaper so for today I've given up, tomorrow when Michael's home were going to both get stuck into it. I've packed it all in my head, what is going in what box with what and where it will all go once we get there, and Monday and Tuesday Michael and I will be taking all the boxes to the new house and unpacking it all, doesn't that sound like a nice way to spend Michael's 6 days off work? ; )
I haven't been taking many photos of my big boys lately, bad mummy has been playing favorites and just taking pics of them if they have Charlie in their arms, so I tried to get some pics of them this week but do you think either of them would just pull a normal face? No wonder I don't take photos of them!
After about 6 photos like this, with tongues out and eyes closed I finally said just look at mum and don't smile! It seemed to have worked, I got a half decent photo!
Charlie on the other hand is always easy to take photos of, only because he has no choice! I love propping him in the beanbag, he has the funniest look on his face as he moves around and the beans move around him, I did it with all the boys, but it still cracks me up!
Jack has done a complete 180 with Charlie the last week or so, and it makes me very happy, he doesn't like change and so I knew bringing Charlie home would be a bit of a shock to the system but 5 weeks in he has decided he quite likes him, and has started interacting with him and is generally a bit happier about the whole thing, thank heavens, sure has taken a load off my mind!
My beautiful James
I have to remind myself every day to do something extra special with him, I don't want middle child syndrome, so just letting him know I'm taking photos of him all by himself and showing them to him makes me feel better, well at least for one day.

Last but not least my favorite photo of the week! This just melts my heart, James was talking to Charlie like he does all day, calling his name and rubbing his belly and Charlie just gave him the biggest grin, reminded me why having siblings is so special.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

Yes its official I have picked up the forms, my baby is off to big school next year!
I know I have blogged about this before but this is such a big deal to me!
He gets to go for a little visit next week for 2 whole hours all by himself! When I told him that he asked me if I could leave the pram at school so he could get home, he didn't understand that we would be coming to get him from school he didn't have to make his own way home!
They have to wear closed in shoes and have a drink and a snack. I have already started planning his snack and what clothes/shoes he's going to wear, oh I'm hopeless! Luckily next year he will have a nasty school uniform to wear everyday instead, its a lovely 80's brown and mustard yellow combination, who knows what they were thinking when they came up with that!
So once we've finished moving and packing and when the kids and I get back from our trip home I am going to buy some labels to put on everything he owns, shoes, clothes, hat, school bag, lunch box, drink bottle etc etc. Its all very scary but when we were there today I could see him looking around and I know he is so ready for school, I just need to learn to cut the apron strings, or at least loosen them a little : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is what my house is starting to look like, although I'm trying not to pack to much because as soon as we have the keys to the new house I am going to start unpacking as much as possible in to the new house, so when the official moving day comes we will have most of the little stuff there we'll just need the big things. Ugh... I hate moving, but after 5 years with Michael I am getting very used to it and very good at it.
The pro's of our new house:
Were only moving about a block away from where we are now, were still close to our park and on nice days the little boys and I will be able to walk Jack to school next year.
Its single story so it will be much easier to keep an eye on the boys when they are outside.
Its single story so laundry is going to be so much easier than dragging it downstairs to wash and then back upstairs to fold.
We seem to have nice neighbours, both sides have offered to water the lawn for us(at the moment it looks like a dust bowl)
The lounge/dining/kitchen is bigger than here and I think we'll be able to put the computer in the dining room, possibly on the breakfast bar.
There is kids in every house it seems, the kids on 1 side will be going to school with Jack next year.
The whole house has just been re-painted.
The Cons:
The whole house has just been re-painted so Vegemite fingers and crayons are going to be the bain of my existence!
We didn't get a fancy company house like the ones we'd seen before, we got an average house, were going to have to buy an air-con to have in the lounge room and some portable ones for the kids rooms. There's no where for Michael to set up manland so were getting the 2nd TV in our bedroom and the beer fridge is going in the laundry. Poor manland : ( Michael was distraught, now he'll have to hang out inside with me : )
I can hear my beautiful boy talking so I will leave you with my newest pic of the boys together, I cant believe how big Charlie is getting!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where has the time gone??!

I just realised I haven't posted for forever, the days seem to have gotten shorter now we have 3 boys under 5 in the house. I can't believe my little man is 5 weeks old already and is already wearing 00 clothes, I wish he would slow down!
Well I'll start with last weekend, Thursday morning I had the beginnings of a sore throat and a headache, by Thursday afternoon I had a terrible headache that had me paralysed on the lounge and I could almost not swallow my throat was so sore, after some good panadol I thought I was just getting a nasty cold or the flu and I tried to forget about it, the headache wasn't as bad on Friday but I kept up the panadol rapid every 4 hours , my Daddy and his lovely wife Robin came for the weekend and thank heavens they did!
Friday night after more panadol and my headache not getting any better I was in so much pain I went to hospital to get something for it, the nurse decided to keep me in and fill me with fluids. By 7am my boobs felt like they were about to explode so Michael brought Charlie in so I could feed him, the doctor asked me what my thoughts were on expressing for a while, turns out what I thought was just a nasty headache and a sore throat was actually tonsillitis and a double ear infection! Grr!
Michael had to work all weekend so thank heavens Dad and Robin were here to look after us, the kids were so spoilt and they loved it! Jack hasn't stopped telling me all week what he and Grandad did. So sweet!
Awwww, I love the look on Charlie's face in this pic, I know James would have been talking to him and smiling, he loves his little brother, insists that when Charlie is asleep during the day we should wake him because the suns up that means its time to be awake according to him!

My big boys watching TV in manland, yep they are on the table, all the things you can get away with when mums not looking ; )

Proud Grandad and the lovely Robin with my very tall little man, he gets it from Grandad me thinks!

I felt like hell all weekend I didn't realise I looked like hell as well!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So much to do so little time!

Well I have been completely neglecting my blog since Charlie was born, I have been very busy and attentive with my 3 little boys instead, oh and the housework!
On the weekend we took the boys to Rocky for a couple of days, I wanted to do some shopping and Michael wanted to have some time away from Blackwater as a family, was very fun and very tiring!
My darling boys so excited about their room at the 'little house' wanted to unroll their sleeping bags straight away! Even though it was only 11am!
Little Charlie on our big bed, doesn't he look tiny! My hunny bun on our veranda
On Friday we went to beach at Yeppoon, I bought a heap of stuff for Charlie, had a lovely takeout curry from a lovely Indian restaurant for dinner, spoilt the kids with maccas and then took them to the movies to see UP, such a good film, and filled their bellies with lemonade and popcorn. What more could you ask for in 1 day!
Saturday we got up slowly had brekky did some more shopping(I know I'm addicted!) went to the Rocky zoo and decided it was just boiling hot enough to go to the rockpool, a really cool spot for kids of all ages, it has a whole section designed for little kids and our boys absolutely loved it, we've decided next time we go we'll spend a whole day there! There was a jumping castle, a playground with water spouts that came out of the ground, a little pool with 2 slides in it, and for an extra $20 you can even play putt putt golf! How fun is that! Oh and if your over 120cms tall there's even a huge water slide, we didn't go near that one, although I think Michael wanted too!
My cuties, I didn't realise I'd packed them pretty much the same outfits!
I love how James' interacts with animals, he's either scared out of his head, or he loves them to death, he wanted to give this kangaroo his drink, and stuck his hand through the fence to give it a little pat, so sweet! My little Charlie bear trying out his sheepskin rug, very early in the morning, that's the only reason hes wearing anything more than a singlet, because yep its been so hot here! I dont think Charlie is going to get to waear hardly any of his clothes he lives in singlets and short sleeve short suits. at least I'm not worried about him being cold during the night!


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