Tuesday, March 22, 2011



You know before your kids go to school when you ran on your own schedule, when nap time didn't work around school pick up and drop off? I miss those days terribly, especially when we come home from holidays where you can run on your own schedule.
Ah holidays, the boys and I are still in holiday mode. Staying up late and sleeping in. Eating take out and having baths well after bed time.
Yesterday morning we sat in front of the TV til 7.50am. We leave the house at 8.30am. We hadn't even had breakfast, Jack's lunch wasn't made and we were all in our pjs. Not a good start to the week.
Last night we didn't get in the bath til 7pm, were usually in and out by 5.30pm.
Luckily there is less than a month of school left, I'm not counting down at all!


  1. Haha. Better luck next time I always say. A month of school left, didn't they just go back!? Gosh. Very out of the loop on this one!

  2. Yep a month left! Yay! They went back to school the end of January, this is week 9! It's been a looong term!


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