Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Recipe Saturday~THE VERDICT

I'd just like to inform you my kids aren't huge fans of fish, unless it is almost still breathing fresh and cooked to perfection. So when I told Michael I was making fish cakes with tinned salmon he asked what I would make for the kids, this didn't charge me with confidence but I did it anyway.
I am trying to broaden their horizons, they like Mexican food they'll eat curry, poppadoms are bribery tools. But were in a real rut with food, salad is non-existent they know what they like and unfortunately what they don't like. They definatly got both their mothers and fathers stubborn streak. Sorry boys.

Now although you can see the lemon rind in them you couldn't really taste it. They tasted very much like they look, boring and bland. I added a serious amount of salt and pepper a heap of herbs and once cooked doused with tomato sauce.

Told you mine wouldn't be as pretty.. I realised rather to late that we didn't have any breadcrumbs left so mine are only egged and floured.

James and Charlie scoffed theirs, so did Michael, not that hes a very good judge he would eat just about anything I put in front of him, Jack and I weren't so impressed.  Oh well you win some you lose some.

Now I'm off to look for next weeks new recipe!

Playing along with the lovely Rhi at Hummingbirds Song 

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