Thursday, March 17, 2011

Driving Driving and more driving

Yesterday we made the 5 hour trek to Longreach, Michael's home town. Its the first time in 15 months Michael has been able to drive us somewhere and he loved it, me not o much. I get car sick if I'm not driving, and very bored! To keep myself amused and keep Charlie occupied I took photos, lots of blurry dodgy photos, I wont share all of them with you, it was 5 hours after all.

Michael driving my car, still looks so odd to me, I have become a control freak while he wasn't allowed to drive and now I'm a little over protective of my car, sorry hunny.

The view for quite a while, coal wagons such a pretty part of the scenery, ha.

Awww...little rat woke me up at 4.30am ready to play, so obviously by 9.30am he was back to sleep, unfortunately I was not. Thanks Charlie.

The road to Longreach, its very long and very straight, that's road as far as you can see, in one big straight line.

Yes I know I'm the only one looking at the camera, the boys were far to engrossed in the movie, like they hadn't seen it 100 times before.

My sweet boy with his pink blankie, always sucking his fingers, it's a constant battle between us.

I love this picture, I had the front screen of my camera switched on so Charlie could see himself, he loves my camera. Or maybe he just loves himself.

Were here til Sunday, I'm sure I will post more exciting trip photos before then, your excited aren't you?


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