Friday, April 30, 2010

Polly Dolly

Have been far to busy this week so am only doing blog games and not really blogging, which I don't love but hey next week I will be loving myself for having moved everything and unpacked so much.
Anyway this week with Danimezza were off on a picnic.

So what would you wear to a picnic?

I love going to park's for picnic's. 
I picked soft linen pants I know completly crunkly as soon as you sit but who cares. A pretty pink top and cute pink shoes. I am always drawn to the pink version of everything but have been trying very hard to pull myself away, this week I'm not stopping myself and going a little bit pink mad, so I of course had to get the Lovely perfume by SJP, pink sunnies and of course pink cover on my ipod, I love to have tunes and Jack loves to play with the calculator(nerd)
I love this lemon printed cooler bag! We always take cooler bags with us to a picnic rather than a picnic basket everything stays cold then and its easier to fit in the pram.
You can't have a picnic without cake, and cupcakes are so easy to serve. I love coke out of a can and I'm hooked on coke zero at the moment. Just til we move I need a little extra pick me up. Well thats what I'm telling myself anyway.
I think once we have moved I might have to take the boys somewhere for a picnic. Thanks Dani for the great idea!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Place & Yours

I admit it I have a thing for key rings. Not so much for keys, they are the boring part of a key ring.

This week's theme for My Place & Yours is What's on your keyring?

I swore I would never do this when I had kids and it took me a few years but yes I am that mum that has 7 photos of my kids in my wallet on my keyring and some selected shots on my phone on the off chance I see you without my kids. Sad I know. I'm getting some more pics of the little boys delivered soon so then I'll have James and Charlie on the otherside. 

My flasher teddy. A gift from my crazy mother who collects teddy bears 'something to remember me by' I'm pretty sure my sister got a S&M teddy, makes perfect sense to me.

Underwater world the only 'world' we've ever taken the boys and will be the only one for a while. This key ring has kept many a baby happy.

My foot, I don't even remeber where it came from but its kinda cute. My video ezy card thingy, my NT keyring, a gift from my mum when my sister and I sent her there when she turned the big 50. Yep thats right we sent her to the NT for almost two weeks and what did she bring me home? A  key ring. She knows me well this woman.

Where are the keys I hear you ask?
Well I have 1, my car key. Not that I use it to lock the car (the joys of living in a small town) if I could start the car without it I probably wouldn't ever remember to take my keys anywhere.
House keys are hanging on a hook just inside our door, I'm not sure if our front door even has a lock. If it does I've certainly never used it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More partying really??

I am stealing idea's.
This weekend we had two 1st birthday parties to go to for little girls, and on Wednesday were off to a 3rd birthday party for a little girl as well.

My problem with this is I have no idea what to buy for girls!! I always thought having a girl would be great I could buy them all these things that I always see that I want to buy, but when it comes down to it I am a mumma of boys and always will be. Ask me what a boy would like for any age pretty much and I can give you a whole stack of idea's. Girls have me stumped. Also our little town only has really 1 place to buy presents so there's a huge chance of doubling up, we are also trying very hard not to spend any money we have no idea how much moving is going to cost but it will be pretty close to a huge chunk of our savings.

So thanks again to Belinda from the happy home for this great idea. Belinda gave little containers of playdough with some animal shaped cookie cutters as goody bags (awesome idea). I made a batch of pink playdough, added a few cookie cutters and some ribbon and here we are! Easy peasy, cheap as, and so far the mums have been pretty happy with it! Thank you Belinda!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Polly Dolly

This week were off to the markets with Dani's polly dolly.

So What would you wear/take with you to the markets?

Well obviously I'd take my beautiful boys and the long list of things you need to take with you when you leave the house with kids.
Nappy bag, pram, drinks (Jack helped me do my polly dolly today so he picked this drink bottle it's got him name on it, obviously!), food, nappies, wipes, sunscreen, toys, hats.

For me a pretty summer dress, I love this green dress it has little strawberries on it, cute, and it doesn't show up the grubby hand prints or food spills that little boys leave on dresses when they give you cuddles.
My gorgeous eternity ring, in case you didn't see last week's eternity ring I'm wearing it again, although this one is $28,000 so we've gone up $6,000 maybe he should buy it for me before it gets any more expensive? Just a thought.
Sunnies, a must. Comfy shoes for the long trip around the markets, especially when I know I will be picking up kids to show them things, and give kisses on ouchies when little boys don't look where they are going and inevitably walk into someone or something.
Lipgloss and wallet full of correct change for all the fun things to buy. Toffee apples, fairy floss, second hand toys, fruit and vegetables, jams and pickles. I miss sunday markets!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm not just angry..

I'm disappointed as well.

We got our school photo's back today, when I say we I mean Jack, but you know what I mean.

The teachers assistant in Jack's class said he smiled really well for photo's so I was looking forward to getting them. What I was not expecting was to see his top button done up ??

I have never ever done up any of his top buttons on his school shirts or any other shirts, it is nerdy, looks silly and I hate it.
I am 100% sure I did not do up his top button on photo day but here we are with terrible first school photos.
I am so cranky right now! 
I know it's not really an important thing in the grand scheme of things, but your first school photo is something that gets brought out over and over again and he has awesome hair, nice smile (apart from the bad tooth), no food on his face, BUT HIS TOP BUTTON IS DONE UP!!
All the kids in his class have their top buttons done up as well, but this does not make me feel any better.
Here's two of him just so you can appreciate the button. I just rang Michael to tell him the bad news, he seems to think I'm over reacting. I think he's under reacting (if it's not a word it should be)

Now if you excuse me I'm off to do some school shirt altering.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Place & Yours

I can't believe it's Monday already!
Time to play my place and yours over at Hello Owl.

This week's theme~ Where do you blog?

Firstly I would just like to say I hate my computer. Its old (2006) it's bulky, its a mess, we have photo's in a mess all over it, there are files and folders that have nothing in them etc. I'm putting in my orders for a laptop and wireless internet so I don't have to have the big ugly computer and big ugly computer desk staring at me.

The only thing about our computer desk that I like is the pull out keyboard tray. I did it all by myself, I'm not patient or talented enough for crafty things so I was very happy with this. It's just scrapbook paper cut into strips and covered in PVA glue, not exactly tricky! 

When we first moved in here I wasn't all that happy that the only place for the computer was in the dining room, but after a few weeks I realised that it's actually perfect for us. While I'm here click clacking away

I can see all three of my children. James standing far to close to the TV (as usual) Charlie trying to crawl, and Jack playing the DS. With two very 'spirited' and 'inquisitive' little boys I need to know where they are pretty much all times of the day. This is pretty much the only time of the day they are all awake together when I'm not trying to feed them clean them dress them rush them out the door. Jack likes some quiet time when he gets home from school so he is allowed the DS for a whole hour, James gets to watch cartoons and Charlie likes to harass them both until someone either plays with him or gets him a toy, he understands the tricks of being the youngest already.

From my chair I can also see my mess of a kitchen that I'm avoiding like the plague, I forgot how messy my house gets when I start to pack! Handy to know when the kettle has boiled, the stove is boiling over or when the oven has dinged. It's very handy being in the middle of the house!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polly Dolly

What would you wear/take with you to a nail salon?

I love playing the polly dolly game over at Dani's, its so easy to max out your imaginary credit card!

So if I was off to get a mani/pedi what would I wear? Something pretty. I always feel frumpy and gross in the presence of a beauty therapist, they are always so made up and smell pretty, I know that's their job but I still do.

I picked this cute frilly top and 3/4 jeans, as Dani mentioned skirts are not a great idea or comfortable when you have someone holding your foot looking up your leg.

Some key jewelery pieces, my $22,000 eternity ring (hint hint), diamond studs and a $6,000 bangle, what you don't wear that sort of thing to the beauticians?? 
Also my favorite perfume, jean paul gaultier, after all I want to smell as pretty as the beautician.

While I was maxing out my imaginary credit card I figured I should get some fantastic shoes, open toe so not to smudge my toes obviously, they are so pretty, I would never wear them but I want them!

A big bag to fit all my junk including a water bottle and lip gloss. I don't like to take stuff to read I much rather chat with the beautician, probably why my old beautician from home is one of my facie friends.

I couldn't decide what colour I would like on my toes, I've had red toes for about 7 years, I know your saying what the pink girl has red toes really?? I can't seem to find any other colours that's quite as fun.

Thanks Dani I really enjoyed spending all that money, now I'm off to hassle my hubby into buying me an eternity ring : )

What A Day...

I am sitting here in my PJ's drinking coke and eating cake. It's 9.30am and I should be washing towels and cleaning up while Charlie is asleep, I am exhausted but that's ok because....

Jack's party was awesome!!!!

The kids were so excited because they knew they were going to get messy and kept asking me all day what we were going to do next. I don't know if any of the mums will speak to me tomorrow when we drop the kids to school but it was so worth it.

I of course didn't get any photos of Jack with his birthday badge or any of the bubble bonanza/water pistol/water bomb fights or lunch or half of the party, I was far to busy to remember to eat lunch let alone take photos, but I did manage to get some of the cupcake decorating (thank you Belinda such a great idea!) the kids loved it, they all were so quiet while they were busy making their own creations.

We had two little tables and lots of little chairs, once the kids finished making their cupcakes they all wanted to do another so I told them all to make one for their mummy's, and weren't the mummy's happy about that (insert evil laugh).

I don't know what that face is all about James, but he had just dunked his head in a bucket that was for filling water pistols. Strange child.

I took really bad photos all day, I don't think I got any of Jack's face at all!

After the kids had their second load of sugar I got the secret weapon out (that the kids had been playing in all day anyway) the baby pool that's full of gellibaff is your party bags, now go and get them!

They all climbed in, and the mums jaws all hit the floor (I did warn them there kids would be messy!) they were very tame just putting their hands in to grab their bags...

Until Michael got a bucket and covered Jack in it. Then they all sat in it and started throwing it at each other, I was so pleased they loved it!

Best party we've ever had, and I have the mess to prove it : )

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chilly anyone?

I love winter and the cold weather, I think we all know that I am in QLD under duress, I don't hate the place but I'm certainly not going to start speaking slower or drinking XXXX. (I hope my husband doesn't read that)
So when it gets a little chilly I get the kids winter clothes out quickly before it gets hot again, then I take loads of blurry photo's obviously.

How much do James and Charlie look alike in this pic?

I didn't realise the big boys blanket sleepers were pretty much exactly the same, oner of the problems with having boys, there's not much variaton. But I don't care they still look adorable with their all in ones on.

I love this one of James and Jack, they are such good brothers and good mates, I asked them to sit together and James puts his arm straight around Jack. Charlie's not quite in the fold yet but they are getting there.

Love these boys.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Front Door

I am loving playing along with My Place and Yours over at Hello Owl. It's fun to see other peoples perspective and way of life.

This weeks is: What do you see when you walk through your front door?

Our front door doesn't get used as we have a lounge pushed up against it, so we use our side door which is literally 50cms away from the front door. (Who designs houses?)

If you walked through our door right now this is what you would find. Not ideal to have your dining room as your entrance but it has me OCD about cleanng the floor, with three little boys it gets nasty three times a day at least.
In the bottom left hand corner is my nappy bag, it doesn't have a better home than just there, hopefully at the new house I'll have a home for it.

Kitchen bench there is always a pile of junk, stuff that hasn't got a home, or needs a home or is not going to be in the house for long.
My wedding bouquet in a vase, I love the fact I had artificial flowers as my boquet (all real flowers for everything else), I know its tacky but I get to look at them everyday.

Computer and desk, with little piles of notes/lists/notebooks/messages Michael and I have written to each other, magazine folders full of paper work that needs to be either paid for or filed, blank and not so blank discs with nothing written on them, otherwise known as CD bingo.

Dining table thats been passed down through the family, I'm pretty sure this is the dining table my grandparents had when they were first married, we have a hard time fitting 3 kids and us around it, I dont know how they did it with 5 kids!
I love our mismatched chairs and Charlie's beautiful hand carved high chair, one day we will have chairs that match and a beautiful centre peice and no plastic placemats that have the alphabet on them, but for now this is what works for us.

As you leave our side/front door you will probably trip over a shoe or the pram, we do have a shoe rack, thats empty, I am probably the worst for just kicking off my shoes as I walk in, I have of course taught the boys all my worst habbits and they do the same thing.
We need a big shoe box, that would work, maybe.
The boys hats are at little boy height so they see them as we leave the house and can put them on their hooks as they walk in. Yes I should own shares in 3M!

To see what everyone elses front entrance looks like~Hello Owl.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you ready to PARTAY??!!!

....Is turning 5!

Mr Messy would like you to come and get

messy with him! (Bring your brothers and sisters too!)

Please join us for lunch and some party food.

Saturday 17th of April from 11am til 2pm at

(insert address here)

Michael and I would love for husbands/partners

to join us for drinks and lunch also.

(Please BYO alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks provided)

RSVP to Kate by 13th April for numbers on (insert phone numbers here)

Please wear old clothes, as you may get very messy!

Doesn't that sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday? If I got that invite I would definitely go.
I can't take credit for the idea I stole it completely from Belinda from The Happy Home. Back in November when I read her post about it, I knew that would be Jack's 5th birthday party. I altered the invites slightly as every party we've been to this year Michael has been the only Dad. It seems the mum and child get invited but then the rest of the family have to stay at home, that's not how we roll.
I have changed a few things around and have planned a few other things, like instead of the cornflour and water I'm using
Gelli Baff Bath Goo - Blue Lagoon

It's the nastiest thing I have ever touched. I made the boys bath full of it one night and it was D.I.S.C.U.S.T.I.N.G
So perfect for a kids party!
My plan is to make party bags in zip lock bags put them in a kids pool then fill it with the gelli baff and make the kids dig in the nastiness to get their goody bag! If some gets thrown around it's definitely not my fault, but I will be encouraging it. I'm so excited about this party.
I'll also be filling water bombs with food dye(just a drop or 2), slime, water, feathers, and anything else that I can think of. We've got a whole lot of water pistols as well (the joy of living in a hot climate in April its still hot enough for water pistols), the kids are going to go home wet and dirty if it kills me!
Paint, you can't have a messy party without paint, I'm going to get the kids to do foot prints maybe even hand prints, on some cardboard for them to take home. I'm sure their mummas will be happy with that : )
We've been buying bubble makers for months, bubble guns, huge long bubble blowers, bubble blowers with 10 holes for maximum bubble action (yes I just read that of the bottle) a bubble machine that goes all by itself, with batteries of course.
Belinda did a make-your-own-cupcake stand and I love the idea. Not to difficult,cupcakes, lots of coloured icing, and decorations galore. I can't wait to see how grubby everyone gets!

I'm making grown up food and kid food, I love kids parties but all the one's we've been to this year have been EXACTLY the same, different birthday child, same location, same activities, same food, boring.

So the grown ups are having ham/chicken salad rolls, home made beef and veg kebabs and marinated chicken drumsticks.
The kids get pigs in a blanket (cocktail frankfurts wrapped in pastry and baked), sausages on a stick, and fruit kebabs. After lunch and after they are sufficiently hot I'm thinking water ices (plastic cups with frozen water and cordial)
(As well as the usual cheese and bickies, kabana, dip, chips, popcorn, lollies. Bottles of water, juice poppers, and cans of fizzy drink)
Most things I can make in advance or Michael can do on the bbq, things on a stick are perfect for parties.
This way I get to feed them all but don't have to miss out on the party.
I'll also be making a Mr messy cake, not to difficult lots of round cakes and white icing, some writing icing in red, chocolate biscuits for eyes and licorice for his mouth.

So if I'm not around much this week you know why. Between Michael working all week, Jack being back to school, getting removal quotes, and getting the house party ready (including making decorations) packing and making cakes and party food, I think I'll be pretty busy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I give up!

I don't know whats going on in our house lately but I feel like were in a bad movie.  I ended up in hospital with a migrane and dehydrated, Michael hurt his back and ended up in hospital, then today we went fishing and he stabbed a major artery in his hand with a cat fish fin. We were back to hospital so he could find out if it's venom was going to kill him, but he ended up with a tetnis shot. We are definatly not usually like this!

Three times you say that must be it? Well I certainly hope so!

Sandwich anyone??

This weeks theme at Hello Owl is most useful/used gadget in the house. This took me a really long time to figure out, I thought of the computer, the TV, the washing machine etc.

I eventually came up with the sandwich maker. Michael uses it everyday to fry eggs (yes it looks as gross as it sounds) and will often put his dinner in Lebanese bread and toast it for dinner (the recipe: Jenny Craig meals heated up, add cheese toast.Gross) and with two fussy eaters toasted sandwiches are a favorite lunch time food. I've also discovered if your 3 year old doesn't like something, make it into a toasted sandwich with cheese and he'll eat it! Yes this is how I feed them dinner sometimes it is seen as a great treat to have sandwiches for dinner, I think it's a great way of sneaking loads of veg into their day. Really its win win!

To play along or check out some other entries head to Hello Owl

Friday, April 9, 2010

Polly-Dolly. I like to move it move it!

White 'Tanned' t-shirt25 AUD -
PUMA - Solid Full Zip Hoodie (Dandelion) - Apparel.81 AUD -
Adidas Adilibria ¾ Gym Tights, Black, 10  49 AUD -
  Manduka + eQua Yoga Towel  22 AUD -
  adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto - Mei Ballerina (White/Vibe/Turquoise) -220 AUD -
  Green 'Olney' holdall bag  195 AUD -
   Wall Words and Decals by Trading Phrases 11 AUD -
  Old Navy Printed Stainless Steel Bottles 5.42 AUD -

This weeks Polly Dolly theme over at Dani's is gym gear.
She's just recently joined a gym and is doing something good for her. She's inspired a lot of us to do something about our post-baby bodys as well.
Me not so much.
Michael and I sat down to a packet of choclate covered almonds last night and a packet of sour cream and onion chips and a bottle of ginger beer. Somehow when we got up this morning I was hungry! Can't be a good thing.

Anyway IF I was a gym junkie, this is the sort of outfit I would want.
I hate sneakers so these are Adidas probably not for working out, but they are so very cute. I used to do yoga so I had to pick this cute pink yoga towel.
I love this holdall bag, I wouldn't put anything yucky like gym clothes in it but maybe a towel and drink bottle would make it in there. I'm all about cute water bottles at the moment and old navy is such a fun brand. James has an old navy t-shirt that says welcome to old navy and everytime I put him in it he and Jack say it to each other if funny voices, can be very annoying but I know they are having fun.
I think if I was a runner or a gym junkie, I like to move it move it would definatly be a song on my Ipod. Everytime I hear it it reminds me of madagascar 2 and the crazy dance moves of the hippo. I love her the most, maybe being a gym junkie is not for me.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Five!

Monday Jack turned 5, I did cry just a little bit.
Then I sucked it up and got over it.
I love birthday's, I blow up loads of balloons and let the kids go nuts. The boys are big fans of balloons.
Because Jack is on the top bunk and it has rails all around it, I put all Jack's balloons on his bed thinking that would wake him up, he just got annoyed with me and threw them all on the floor. I'm so mean, I kept putting them all back on his bed until he got up, James helped me by putting on the light. Hehehehe.

Once James and I finally got him up he got to open his gifts. Can you tell he's still half asleep? I love the crazy bed hair.

He was very happy with his scooter. Even if he had found it under my bed weeks ago! He's been showing me how to do 'tricks'

Check out all that duplo and blocks, I obviously want to make myself more stressed.

Now that Charlie is mobile he wanted in on the act as well, he loves playing with the big kids, and they are quite happy for him to join in and will often give him toys to play with. Jack says to James 'thats good sharing James' cutie pies. He also got a Nintendo DS just before we went away, it stopped him asking me what every single road sign said all the way to Longreach and back. A present for mum and Jack.

All Jack really wanted to do was have McDonalds for lunch and ride his scooter, so easily pleased at 5. So we drove the 70kms to Emerald and the 70kms back just for Donalds and a trip to the botanical gardens so Jack could ride his scooter on the paths, he loved it.

My darling James, tired after a big day was quite happy with sitting with mum and watching Jack ride his scooter. He can be so sweet sometimes, I wish the sweetness would stick around.

All in all a good day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Boy!

I'm really struggling with Jack turning 5.
I know why, he's the first to turn 5 and he's the oldest, but I don't remember struggling this badly when he turned 4.
Maybe it's just because he's started school already.
Maybe it's because he's really taken to school, I've asked his teacher to give me things for him to do on the weekend and school holidays, his brain never stops and there's only so much I can give him to keep his brain stimulated.

6 months old. Look at those cheeks!

9 months old. Still no teeth.

12 months old. I stood him up for this photo, he was only just starting to crawl!

2 years old. Just after dad shaved his head, almost killed me!

My 3 year old cowboy Jack.

4th birthday, so excited about his lunch box.

My big school boy.

My special boy, great big brother, even better sleeper, most definatly teachers pet. Very cheeky and sneaky, (I guess you have to be as the eldest brother) but most of all the most sweetest kindest boy I know, even bringing me tissues when I start crying on your birthday! I knew I was struggling but I didn't think I would cry when you opened your gifts!


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