Monday, May 31, 2010


This is how I spent my weekend. Not literally fighting with girls just in the wonderful world of the internet.

I found out some mums from my playgroup were talking behind my back about Michael and I, and about another friend. I'm 26 not 16. I don't like the fighting I dont like the gossiping I just wanted somewhere to go and meet some mums hang out and let the kids play. Its hard enough being so far from friends and family without this extra drama, I have since talked with the girl I was having words with and we've sort of talked it out. I still dont trust her and don't want to have anything to do with her, but at least now everyone thinks its all ok and we can move on. I'll be keeping my mouth shut from now on.

I feel sad annoyed, cranky and drained. Michaels cranky from being dragged into it(he doesn't like gossip) so all in all a bad weekend for all of us.  
So now I'm on the hunt for some grown up mummas to have play dates with!
Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I need inspiration.
One of my darling online mothers group mumma's gave me a great idea (read gave as I stole) this week. Her husband is turning 30 soon so she's organising 30 gifts for him. I love it so next August when my darling hubby turns 30 I'm going to do the same. The thing is I'm having a hard time thinking of 30 things to buy him!

What 30 things would you buy?

Polly Dolly

This week's theme over at Danimezza is christening/baptism.

Were very hopeless and have only had Jack baptised, need to do something about that and get the two little boys done soon, maybe when we go home in November I could get both done at the same time hmmm...

Anyway. What to wear, I've been wearing my cowboy boots a lot lately, (too chilly in the mornings to wear thongs to school) my boots are brown but I'm really liking the black, might have to invest in some black ones. A cute skirt to make the boots more feminine. I always feel like I need to cover up in church so a 'proper' shirt and cardigan because churches are always so cold.
Cute hair flower to make me look different to every day hair, big gold earrings(tiffany of course) and a cute bracelet. Lipgloss is a must for all the photos that get taken on the special day, camera for all the photos and a big bag to fit all the goods into!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme over at Hello Owl is Pre loved inherited or thrifted

Not a very tricky one for me! I picked a few favorites without having to dig in any boxes.

Charlie's cot $10. Paint $40.

Jack's Bob curtains $4.

James sesame curtains $?? bought them so long ago don't remember!

Playroom TV $10, playroom 'entertainment unit' free from Greenhill waste transfer station.

Most important thing last. My Grandma's engagement ring (the silver one) with its 3 tiny diamonds so beautiful and delicate, makes my engagement ring look gaudy(and my dry hands!)
I love it because it makes me feel  closer to a important person I never got to meet.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know you married a country boy when....

When your husband says lets go for a drive, and you end up going down a 4WD track in your family car(that now has a shake and rattle to it).

We went for a drive after school last week to our favorite fishing/camping spot, we haven't been since it was flooded and it finally looks nice again. It's days like this that I realise how much Michael misses not having his licence, the boys keep telling him to look for his licence, we keep saying Daddy lost his licence so to them it makes sense, just go and look for it right?

You know your married to a country boy:
When your five year old says 'can I climb that?' and your husband says 'go for it!'
No wonder I'm going so grey!
Then your three year old says 'Wait for me' So your husband takes your children up a cliff face, my goodness!

All the way to the top.

I had to take a pic of James in his own outfit, board shorts, sheepskin lined PVC boots and a Kurt Cobain jumper. He's a special kid.

Jack was obsessed with throwing all the rocks into the river. Its all about the splash.

My sweet boy loved the grass, even more than his afternoon tea which he spat all down his front.

Such a pretty spot, I've never seen it with water flowing over the top before I think we'll be camping out one night in the school holidays.

You know your married to a country boy when he climbs up the wier to have a look. Thankfully I told my little boys no you can not follow Daddy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Polly Dolly

Polly Dolly this week the lovely Dani is taking us to the movies. I need a trip to the movies.
I need a trip out of the house that doesn't involve going to school or to the supermarket.

My very fun outfit, a pretty dress to hide the belly after eating all that popcorn and maltesers, you must try popcorn and maltesers together, best snack ever.
Cardigan because its always cold in movie cinemas. 
Stripper shoes because where else can you wear awesome shoes, out to dinner or somewhere you can sit. I love stripper shoes, I think I must have been a stripper in a former life, I definitely don't have the body for it now!
Lipgloss is a must after eating far to much salty popcorn, and of course you need a pretty bag to take with you.
Pillow, After carrying three kids for 41+ weeks, two of which were close to 10 pounds I get a sore back from everything including movie seats then I get a sore bum so a pillow to make the 90 minutes in the cinema much more enjoyable.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Place & Yours

Yellow Week!

This week's theme at Hello Owl is yellow!
I love yellow, before I was pink obsessed I was yellow obsessed. Its such a happy colour the colour of sunshine and happy smiley faces. I have quite a bit of yellow stuff around the house, more than I thought to be honest!

Doesn't every girl have a yellow bowling bag?

Yellow kitchen utensils, and my yellow decorated
 utensil holder made by my mumma

I did have a complete yellow dinner set and
 mugs when I was 17 there isn't much left now!

Lovely fluffy yellow bee towels for Charlie

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Years of Bliss

Three years of bliss. Hardly.

James has always been my difficult child.
He had middle child syndrome from birth.
He was my hardest pregnancy.
He was a bad sleeper as a baby.
He was lots of work as a one year old.
He had terrible twos for at least 18 months.
I had resigned myself to the fact we would have a lot of  trouble with him forever.
I love him but I haven't ever really liked him (yes that's a really hard thing to say) 
It's not his fault, I think we should have waited longer and had a bigger gap between he and Jack so I could enjoy him more. The joy of hindsight. 

In the last few weeks Michael and I have noticed a change, he has become the beautiful boy I always knew was hiding under the surface, the little boy we saw briefly on rare occasions.
He was always a great big brother but now I'm looking forward to him and Charlie growing up together not worried about what bad things Charlie was going to learn from James.
In the last few days I don't think I've had to raise my voice or give him 'the face' (mums get it) at all. I love it!
Being three definatly agrees with him and he definatly agrees with me.

My new best friend James.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Polly Dolly

Well I know I've been very AWOL since the move. I have a slight problem, my camera which is my phone, can not connect to my laptop as I lost the install disc a long time ago(like 3 houses ago) so I cant upload any photos, which means my lovely husband needs to buy me a new camera (for those who don't remember this was meant to be my mothers day gift, last year!) so for now I'm stuck with no pics but I can play Polly Dolly with Dani.

So What do you wear while you blog?

I'm no where near as cool as Dani, and usually within 10 minutes of getting home from dropping Jack to school I have PJs on and no bra. It hasn't been cold enough here for jumpers or socks but it has gotten a little cool so long track pants and a 3/4 sleeve soft shirt is about all I need. My new eternity ring which is a little bit more realistic, and similar to what mine looks like.
Coffee in my very fun take away mug, Michael bought us a new coffee maker last week, it makes 10 cups, Michael's lucky to have two before work then I drink the rest! 
I need glasses to read and do computer stuff, so last time I got new ones Michael told me to buy the most expensive ones in the shop so I did! They have transitions lenses so if I wear them all day (like I often do)   they turn into sunglasses with UV light. I just realised they were more expensive than my eternity ring! 
My phone to take bad photos, yes I know 3 mega pixels on a mobile camera=bad photos, but I just keep putting off buying a new camera because there are more important thing to buy, like kids shoes and food, boring!
My new laptop, doesn't look exactly like this but you get the picture.
I try to blog while Charlie is having his morning nap which is after we've dropped Jack to school, this is James quiet time so I let him watch a movie, it's always either Lightening McQueen or Bolt. So I listen to Owen Wilson or John Travolta. Two very attractive men but after I have listened to them say the same thing a million times, I want to punch them both very hard in the face.

So play along over at Danimezza, go on you know you want to!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

So my mothers day isn't going like this (is it possible in our house?)

I haven't ever had a nice mothers day, I know that a horrid thing to say but its true.
First year I was suffering with cracked nipples and a baby that wouldn't sleep Michael was at work and I ended up in tears. I'm pretty sure every year has just gotten worse, last year I was pregnant, Michael and I took the kids camping the night before mothers day so I woke up cold and sore, Michael was fishing, and I had to make my own cup of tea, and ended up cooking 2 min noodles for the boys for dinner because Michael was at a friends house and the kids just couldn't wait any longer for the take out he was meant to be brining home, and again I was in tears.

So today I wasn't expecting anything ( I'm still waiting for last years mothers day present.) I woke up not to breakfast in bed or cuddles, but with my darling husband screaming down the hallway because he had slept through his alarm and his ride was waiting for him. I flew out of bed, made his lunch (ceasar salad, yes I rock) chucked some bananas in his work bag and made sure he had his hard hat and a jacket, then reminded him it was mothers day!
By this time the big boys were awake because we were making so much noise and wanted cartoons and a drink maybe some cheese and vegemite toast. Yes the work of a mumma is never done.
Charlie is my sweet baby who stands up in his cot happy to see me when I walk in his room, not today though he has been cranky and clingy but wants his own space. I think he's being visited by the tooth monstor.

Our Austar was connected today so of course the boys were the austar mans shadow all day and I spent the day hassling them to stay away from him and his drill and his ladder and his work truck, yep the most favourite things for little boys.

I know I'm lucky to have my beautiful boys and my lovely husband and I am grateful but I work 365 days a year and I work HARD I dont expect to much for christmas or my birthday but it would be nice on Mothers day if I could have a day off, even half day.

As for my present I would love this

Pity I cant justify buying a ring worth more than my car! Its so pretty though!

Now its almost dinner time, I've done 3 loads of washing, stacked and unstacked the dishwasher twice, and cleaned the boys more times than I care to remember, fed them and let them watch cartoons. So I'm officially postponing mothers day until Michael is home. I am going to leave the house ALL BY MYSELF do some shopping, maybe see a movie, have a yummy lunch all by myself and I'm thinking I might even get my new tattoo that was my birthday present that I haven't had time to get yet!

How was your mothers day?


Friday, May 7, 2010

Polly Dolly

Dressy Daytime Jeans Where would you go and what would you wear?

This week's theme of Danielle's at Danimezza got me thinking about being young single and not someone's mumma, must be because mothers day is comng up, I always think what if, this time of year.

So where would I go? I would spend the day shopping in London. I'd love to spend 1 day by myself.
I love these semi casual jeans and I think with these very cool dusty pink boots they would be perfect. A simple belted shirt and very sweet coat. Sequined beanie(its pretty cold walking around London!) and pretty bag big enough to fit the nessesitys and any little treasures I'd find whilst shopping. Fav perfume as always.
Very big jewellery far out of my price range, and yes I'm boring you again with my $28,000 eternity ring. I have a feeling I have brought my lovely man around to my thinking. Bring on mothers day!
I love this pic of London double decker bus, can you jus imagine spending a day in the cold shopping and bussing around the place being a very good tourist? I can almost smell the cold.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm not sure whats going on lately but I am so in love with my husband right now. I miss him terribly when he's not here, can't wait for him to get home so we can talk rubbish and have been cuddling him like a crazy woman.

We've been married for three and a half years, together for five and a half. Things have definatly not always been this good. In fact a few months before Charlie was concieved I was looking at houses for myself and we had the break up talk more than once.

Thankfully I said I would give it another go but there had to be changes. He is now a totally different person, in a good way. Not that it was all his fault that we were falling apart I was definatly doing destructive things for our relationship as well.

Now I feel like I have a partner in raising our kids not another child. He doesn't do things because I ask him(read as nag him) he does it because he wants to, and because it needs doing.

I have finally gotten through to him I don't want him to help me I want him to just do it. Yes it has taken 5 long years but he gets it now, they are our children it is our house this is our responsibility, not mine.

Now I have a husband who doesn't get drunk (except ANZAC day) doesn't smoke (for the first time in 15 years!), is eating better so he can lose weight because he wants to be able to run around with his kids and teach them important things not be a fat drunk man sitting around watching them. He just wants to spend time with us as a family.

My beautiful husband. No one thought we'd make it including us. We had a very rocky start and it's been a rollercoaster ride ever since, but I can't imagine being with anyone else. Love you babe.


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