Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding love

On Saturday the boys and I were lucky enough to head to the beach to watch our friends get married at a resort, what a good way to get married! Next time we get married I'm defiantly looking into resort weddings.

The big boys in their wedding clothes, even though they only came to the ceremony I still wanted them to look nice.

The bride and groom saying their vows. I love weddings.

The beautiful bride as they left the chapel, she looked stunning.

Our little man who ended up with a gash on his head after rolling down a hill and hitting his head on a garden bed edge then falling down some stairs. Note to self, double check your husband has packed the pram before you leave home.

Michael and I, I wish I'd gotten a better photo of my dress, I love it.

Jack and I hanginh out in our room between the ceremony and the reception. The kids went to the kids club at the resort I think there was only three kids left at the wedding and they were all tiny. Such a good idea, the boys wanted to go back the next morning, well worth paying $45 for each child to go.

You can dress them up...

....But at the end of the night your still married to a bogan.


  1. Wow! That looks like such a great night, you looked fantastic! I love weddings...

  2. Thank you! It was so humid and my dress has tulle underneath, I was so hot I thought all my make up was going to run off!
    I love weddings too, although I dont think we'll have to many more to go to, everyone we know pretty much is already married!

  3. You look great. I too am married to a bogan and have ssen many endings with him end that way

  4. I knew marrying a country boy was a dangerous move, but I thought after almost 7 years together he'd stop embarrassing me all the time! I guess I can dream ; )

  5. Baaahaha. You & your boys are adorable. That big boy... Funny as! He'd love my Hubby, am pretty sure they'd be besties. :oP

  6. Hahaha Besties I love it, I'm glad its not just my hubby that makes a fool of himself. I could have killed him considering we had to go pck up the kids from the child care centre at midnight in the rain and carry them back to our room!

  7. Looks like a beautiful wedding and you were looking STUNNING. Also glad to see my hubby's not the only one that likes to be the life of the party ;)

  8. Hehe by the sounds of it were definatly not the minority either Hayley! I obviously need to straighten my hair and wear make up more often. Just. Couldn't. Be. Botherd!


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