Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Willie!

For those of you I'm friends with on facebook, you've seen these pictures so nothing to see here, move along thanks. 
Right for everyone else William had his first birthday earlier this month, James proclaimed 'He's got a number!' Because before if someone asked how old Will was James would say zero. Which to him was true, he had no number. 

Having your birthday so close to Christmas makes for hard present buying, he got so much stuff for Christmas that there wasn't much left for his birthday. He obviously didn't mind a great deal and was quite happy to see clothes when he opened some of his pressies. Happy enough to give it all a little clap. 

He spent all day sucking his lips in and drooling everywhere, between then and now he's popped out three more teeth, so no huge surprise.

I'm not sure where he got it from but he oohs and aahhhs at pretty much everything, It is ridiculously cute and  cracks me up how animated he gets about it. 

The boys were trying to teach William to put one finger in the air and when you ask him how old he is, he didn't like the look of their game and did what he wanted, which as the youngest he will do forever and get away with, that's the job of youngest right? 

Breakfast of champs for a one year old consists of french toast, loads of fresh fruit, cream and a honey drizzle.  Although he didn't get the honey drizzle (no honey til they are two) he still devoured it. 

After breakfast a mini catwalk fashion show, new shoes require showing off. 

First chocolate cake, just to make sure he is actually my son and he passed with flying colours. Couldn't take his eyes off it even for a quick photo. He wanted to stick those little fingers straight in itt.

He ate up his whole piece and wanted more. Yep he's definitely mine. A swim at the beach and early to bed and his day was done. So that's it, my baby is no longer, now a toddler in the making. His first year was full on and I'm guessing his second year will be as well, but much much more fun! 

Happy Birthday baby boy! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm not dead!!!

I'm such a bad blogger. My poor blog has been ditched since December the 9th, That's not a month that's closer to two months. Heck. Since then we finished school, had Christmas, saw in the new year, my baby turned one and now its almost time to send my biggest two back to school.
Anyway this is what we've been up to, you know in a six week nutshell. That totally works right?

Girls Night Out requires big hair, red lips and semi drunk selfies. 

The boys and I got into the Christmas spirit trying to be Rudolph. 

We went overboard with Christmas, well Santa did. Next Christmas one present each. Maybe two. 

Nanny Pants came for Christmas and my gorgeous sister and her man. I of course took no photos. 
I'd like to point out my 7yr old who is almost as tall as Nan, whats that about. 

I drank lots of these.

See that's me drinking it there, with him, in our own apartment for the night, with no kids. Yes we lived it up. 

I just want one nice photo of the four of them. Just one. I'm going to pay someone else to do it. 

Someone took to my kids head. 

11 Months, poor baby doesn't even get his own post, but I did take the photos, that counts as something right? 

I bribed him with biscuit. He looks so impressed. 

So that's us, six weeks of school holidays have been so full on but so nice to sleep in, stay up late, not have to be anywhere at 9am, and not having to wake up anyone for 3pm pick ups. Amazing how good it's been. There's of course been lots of fights and I have been drinking almost everyday but I will miss them when it's back to me and the two littlest boys but geez my house will be cleaner and I may actually blog occasionally. Not making any promises though. 


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