Saturday, March 27, 2010

A short break in transmission.

This is what I'm in for tomorrow, were off to Michael's home town. It's in the middle of Queensland (which means the middle of nowhere) its called Longreach, population about 3000 (on a good day)
I will attempt to take some decent pics and will fill you in on the 'exciting journey' when we get back. I am so over joyed to be driving all the way out there and all the way back on Monday(Only 12 months til Michael can drive again) I am an awesome wife, and yes I will be reminding him that the entire way : )

Friday, March 26, 2010

Seasons, I've almost forgot you!

Since 2005 we have lived in Queensland apart from 2008 when we were in Orange, my home town where the leaves change the temperature drops and eventually it snows I am desperate for some orange leaves and a cool crisp morning. I love the changing seasons, and so far Queensland you have disappointed me, it's still far to hot for this time of year. 31 everyday is starting to bore me. Our electricity bill from having the airconditioner on everyday is doing more than boring me. Sigh, must be time for a trip home...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Room With a View

Take a photo and/or share a photo of your favourite view. Is it from your bed, a holiday a local lookout? Why do you love it?

This is a view of Bega Valley.
This is where I was born, and although we only lived here til I was 18 months old, it was still the first place I thought of when I read this weeks challenge at Blog This.
Although I was born in Bega we actually lived on a property an hour out of Bega, I remember it so well even though I haven't been there in 17 years.

Of course I remember the moo cows we used to drive past, probably where my obsession for cows started,  and I know most of you know where Bega is because thats where good cheese comes from. More than that though I remeber the hippy village we lived in, the strawberry farm my parents had(yes my parents were and still are hippys) the gay couple on the corner who taught me how to make homemade custard, the post man who came in a bus, having dinner by lantern because no one had electricity or running water, it was after all a hippy village. 

My cousins Shannon and Holly, and my sister and I at Grandma's one easter. I am the very tragic looking one in the front.

I love this view because its a peice of my childhood, I wonder what my boys will remember of their childhood and if it will be make them smile like this does to me.

If you want to join in or vote for your favorite~ Blog This

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look Out!!


On your marks....

Get set....


Top draw or trap door??

Well this week's theme over at hello owl for My Place and Yours is Top draw. I dont have many draws in our house that are mine, and I wasn't ready to stylise my bed side table draw like Dani so bathroom draw it is!

I admit I reorganised it a little, and chucked out some junk. It was becoming a dumping ground for everything.

Bottom left: Deoderant, many different types of deoderant although you can really only see the nivea. I found after having a baby I stink far more than before and have yet to find a deoderant that works for me, sigh, if I had the money I would get botoxed armpits regularly to stop the smell. Also hairbrush that I dont really use at the moment with my short hair.
Bottom middle: Perfume Happy to be!  by Clinique, very summery and a lovely Christmas gift from my favorite sister, she always buys the best stuff for me! next to it is my collection of hair products, one to make your hair shiney and straight, one to stop frizz, one to hold it very stiff, one to make it spike perfectly. What too much?
Bottom Right: Face stuff, foundation, rouge, powder. Doesn't get used anywhere near as much as it would have 5 years ago, I was the girl that never left the house with out make up and heels, to the point that the tendons in the back of my legs actually shortened from wearing heels all the time and it hurt to wear flats.
Top Right: Maternity pads, oh the joys of having children, they call them goodnights to make them sound less horendous, but they aren't. A nesessity in my life after stopping breastfeeding.
Middle: My collection of mascara and favorite lips. Maybe more than I really need. Mascara should be thrown away after 6 months, my teacher would be horrified to know how long I've had some of my makeup.
Top Middle: My favorite cheap jewellery love from Diva, chunky bangle, chunky earrings.
Top Left: Travel size things leftover from my last trip to hospital (when Charlie was born), body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deoderant. Under it is my face cream, yes I am 26 but still use clean and clear for teenagers, with my oily welsh skin I dont need much moisturising. Thanks for that Dad : )

And here is where it all lives. I didn't realise how grubby my bathroom mirror is! Might go and clean it right now!

If you'd like to play along and share your top draw head over to hello owl

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend, oh how I love you!

Couldn't you just eat him up?

We are having a very quiet home weekend and I'm loving it. I was meant to go out on the town last night with the playgroup girls, and to a tupperware party today but with Michael being acting supervisor (his words not mine) for 2 weeks while his boss is away he's at work Monday to Friday 6am-7pm and Jack at school all week as well I just wanted to hang around at home with my boys, I think the stormy weather courtesy of Cyclone Ului hasn't helped. Just makes me want to curl up on the lounge with a good movie and a cup of tea.

We reorganised the big boys room today not much but just enough to make it more roomy for them. Took out Charlie's chest of draws and put them in our room, makes all of Charlie's stuff fit much better. Will have to take some photos. I organised the toys again, it's such an annoying job but I'm always happier once it's done.
Anyway we started our weekend on Friday, why? Because we could. The boys and I had some fun outside before Michael bunked off work at 5pm, yes leaving at 5pm is early on a Friday. 

James driving his car's on the kids table. It was so quiet the boys were all playing by themselves. It was nice to watch.

Jack figured out how to use the brake on James trike and was trying to stop himself running into the clothesline. Kept me laughing for hours.

I had a little bit of housework to get done before we went to get Michael so the boys decided to help.

Jack was a great help, he loves to vacum, cracks me up. He even vacummed under the lounge, Michael doesn't even do that!

James on the other hand got a little side tracked with the TV, and stood still and pushed and pulled the vacum back and forward. I love this kid.

I love a quiet weekend, now were going to watch the footy, feed the boys, bath them and then I've convinced Michael to watch The Reader with me. Best weekend we've had for ages.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Charlie, has it been 6 months already really?

I have been dealing with a almost crawling baby, because yes he is 6 months old. So unbelievably rude that he got here already!
In our house the carpet is reffered to as 'industrial' obviously designed for miners boots and the crud that comes off them. Not designed for my poor little man's knees,or face. So I bought this click together mat stuff, I wanted to buy one when Jack was little, pfft it's only taken me 4 years or so to finally get it!
As you can see Charlie likes to chew on the edge and really I dont care to much. It was only cheap. It far softer than the carpet and he can move around on it pretty well.

Jack has been teaching James the letters of the alphabet, this kid is going to be a good teacher (or a good dad) one day, Jack is so patient and repeats things his teacher says perfectly. I read him his bedtime story the other day and he said "Ok Mum now were going to talk about the main characters" cracked me up but made me a little sad. It reminded me of the soft book that he used to bring to me 15 times a day when he was 12 months old. Anyway!

Yep he got there all by himself, he can also get from here to sitting on his bum, I dont want him to crawl, but I don't think it will be too far away. he drags himself towards toys and his brothers. Wont be long and I'll be putting up gates in the kitchen, so not looking forward to that!

James has been the boss of Charlie while Jack's at school, and he was yelling at him for trying to rip up the letter X, poor baby will get teeth eventually and then hopefully he'll stop chewing on everything!

I dont know about anyone else but this pram cover creeps me out, it zips on to the front, has a very strong clip on the side so absolutly no water will get in.  Poor Charlie looked like he was trying to escape!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Place and Yours

How does pink fit into your life? Do you love it or hate it? I'd love to hear your side of the story..

This must be the easiest theme I could ever have.

I wasn't a pink obsessed little girl, I didnt own barbies and I had no idea what my little pony was. I was the little girl who wore tracksuits and played trucks in the driveway. Unfortunatly for my husband (who has to put up with me) I 'found' pink when I was 17, and I have been a bit obsessed ever since.

Just in case you didnt realise the big cupboard in the corner of the kitchen was the pantry..

Just a couple of bags that i have hanging near the front door, for the few times in my life when I need a bag thats not the nappy bag

This usually lives on our kitchen bench, but looks very nice on the table.

My favorite going out to dinner shoes, every girl has a pair, the ones you can hardly walk in, definatly not designed for dancing the night away but perfect for a quick walk from the car to the restaurant.

Yes it is Animal the drummer from the muppets, the best gift my sister ever sent me from the UK, also my school bag for yr 12.

If you'd like to play along~ hello owl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lovely View

Charlie watching the big boys helping Daddy.

There is nothing quite like watching your family doing family things together.
Yesterday morning Michael took the boys out to rip out my dying sunflowers and replace them with something else. I wasn't overly impressed but I understand they have had their second lot of flowers, which means I can't look at them anymore. 

My view of my poor sunflowers before Daddy ripped them out. Oh and the washing up.

I told Michael that since I am the family dishwasher I wanted something to look at, while I slave away in the kitchen.

Daddy helping the boys put their gloves on.

Daddy fixing up Charlie

Jack dancing, obviously.

Best view ever from my kitchen window.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Group photo part II

So I decided to try again to get a decent photo of the three of them.

Attempt No.1. James is trying to destroy his face~fail.

Attempt No.2. Jack is being a pirate~fail.

Attempt No.3. My fault, blurry~fail.

Attempt No.4. Jack is telling me something~fail.

Attempt No.5. Charlie is pulling the boys hair~fail.

Attempt No.6. James is trying to squint his eyes away~fail. 

So to stop tormenting myself and the boys by placing them for photos I devised a much easier way of doing it.

What do you think? Chaeting or clever photo taking??

Saturday, March 13, 2010

No favorites but....

Its hard not to take so many photo's of my gorgeous little man, its not that I don't love the older boys they are old enough to move away and have had years of me trying to take a billion photos of them. They are probably just so sick of me with the camera!
So while Charlie is still little before he can escape from me I will be as snap happy as possible!
Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Having a lovely bath

Yep its almost bedtime, that's why my eyes are hanging out of my head mumma!

Fast asleep. Am loking into buying some new cot bumpers.

At the park watching the big boys play, munching on my rusk. can you tell where we live it'sd not cold yet?

I will strive this week to get a good photo or two of the big boys, if i can strap them down!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Try, Try, and Try Again!

I realise taking a nice photo of three kids at the same time is never going to be easy, but had I realised the lounge room looked like a tip I probably wouldn't have even bothered!

Note the 'washing lounge' as my husband so fondly refers to it as. I do not love it.

Mmm..All looking at me thats a start!

Ok just 1 looking at me, not so good. We'll try again.

All looking at me. At least Charlie is smiling, I'm not loving the big boys faces though.

Oh well I guess that's as good as were going to get! maybe I'll try on the weekend when Jack doesn't have his school clothes on and I'll make sure wherever they are is clean first!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a nice way to spend a day

Isn't it pretty?

Blackdown Tablelands. About 40 minutes from our little flat town is this beautiful national park, full of waterfalls, walking tracks and Aboriginal art. We drove the 30 odd kilometers off the highway and didn't see a single car. Thats my kind of driving.

Michael took James for a little walk down to the water while I fed Charlie his lunch and changed his smelly pants. Fine with me, Michael is the fit one not me!

Charlie still enjoying his lunch, can you tell?

James asking Daddy which track we were going on.

Yes we are good Queenslanders and James of course was ready to go in his thongs!

The boys love going there and I know why, its no where near as hot as in town and there is so much to look at. The boys often ask if we could go to the 'bushes'
We haven't been for so long, it was nice to get out of town, Michael had a great idea while we were there about taking a family holiday, it didn't take much to convince me, were off to 1770 to spend a week in a camper trailer in July, the only time I'm happy to camp in Queensland, when its meant to be winter!


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