Sunday, January 2, 2011

20 To Do in 2011


Last year I was fascinated and inspired by Melissa from Sugar Coat It and her 20 to do in 2010 so when she posted her 20 to do in 2011 I knew I wanted to have a go as well.

1.  Lose 20kgs (Melissa we have to help each other!)
2. Take the boys fishing/camping at least once a month. (Hubby's suggestion)
3. Go to Tasmania.
4. Save enough to buy a house.
5. Stop watching movies that we've seen before.
6. Start watching movies we haven't seen.
7. Be more relaxed with the boys. They are little boys it's OK for them to be little boys.
8. Stop stressing about everything.
9. Do more craft activities with the kids.
10. Buy and READ more magazines that are for me.
11. Get more ink.
12. Be more organised, know where everything is.
13. Help Michael quit smoking (I better not be putting this on my list for 2012)
14. Teach the boys how to play age appropriate board games.
15. Make Saturday's new recipe day.
16. Finally finish reading Anna Karenina (or get the audio tape)
17. Have more friends around for dinner.
18. Have more 'Mummy and Daddy' time
19.  Do some more decorating in the house.
20.  Go away and experience stuff together more often.

So what's on your list for 2011?

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