Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 40!

This is my last pregnancy update (hopefully). My mumma flew up this afternoon and after my midwife checked me out this morning she told me I am already 2cms and my cervix is 'paper thin' sounds nasty but it's a really good thing. I'm hoping that this means #4 will be my chance of having a baby without the drip and the gel. I don't know how likely it is it'll happen but I can only hope!
I've started sleeping really badly, my hips hurt and I can't lay on them without them hurting but can't really lay any other way. My hormones and moods have been crazy, I think because of the lack of sleep. 
It's defiantly time for him to evacuate, I can feel he is right down in my pelvis which is uncomfortable but it's a promising sign.
Apart from sleep I feel pretty good, my belly hasn't gotten any more stretch marks thank heavens, I don't think it could stretch any more than it already had. 
So now we just have to wait and hang out with my mum and hope that the next ost I have is introducing our new little man. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ah Kismas!

We've had a cracker of a Christmas. 
Lots of people good weather, great food, too many presents and early to bed on Christmas night. Perfect. 
Here's a few million photos. 

Christmas toilet paper.

Baked ham

Mediterranean salad before it was roasted and covered in olives and feta. 

Tree with the presents, all ready to go!

Ho Ho Ho! 

James with his new bike

Nice scooter Jacky boy! 

Pop up tent a little bigger than I expected, maybe for outside instead? 

I see you Charlie!

The boys new Uncle Fluffy spinning Charlie around, these boys are going to miss him when he's goes back to work!

Lets go!

He likes to move it, move it.

Cute shirt bud!

Uncle Fluffy playing sandcastles with the boys

Mrs Claus buys some good pressies!


Now if you excuse me I'm off for a nap. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby Daze

39 Weeks

The finish line is within sight! 
I have two more midwife appointments. Both of them will include a stretch and sweep, which for those of you who haven't had it done, is as awful as it sounds but is meant to help get things going. 
I got very excited when I jumped on the scales yesterday and my midwife exclaimed you've only put on 4 kilos! I was boasting and gloating all afternoon until I remembered I only started going there after my 20 weeks scan so the 10 kilos I put on before 20 weeks as well as the 4 I've put on since then, oops.
Everything is going pretty well, I'm awake at 3.30am every day without fail and only go back to sleep 5 minutes before someone climbs into bed with me but I don't feel like I'm struggling to stay awake during the day, an afternoon nap is always appreciated but I'm surviving ok without it. 
I think this boy is going to be bigger than his brothers I can feel him turning in my pelvis and when he moves around there's a lot of movement in funny places, it's that or he's stretching much further than his brothers did.
I got all the linen out of layby this week so once the Christmas presents are all out of his room I'll be able to finish off his room, I'm pretty excited about doing it really, it's basically the last thing I need to do, apart from pack my hospital bag, which I had sort of forgotten about, I don't really want to spend a huge amount of time in hospital so not planning on packing too much, although the thought of people bringing you food in bed for a few days while I lay around and nap and feed is tempting, I won't get another chance to do it!
I've got an induction date booked if the boy doesn't turn up on his own and so now were just playing the waiting game. 
I'm getting quite impatient to meet him, not so much to get it over and done with but once he's here our family will be done and we can move on to bigger and better things as a family of 6, me and my 5 boys!

Happy Anniversary

On this day five years ago I was pregnant and cooking for 12 people for Christmas day. Today is strangely no different, except last time it was my wedding day. We got married on Christmas eve and our movie is Love Actually. 
I never thought about it but we really are Christmas tragic's.
A lot has happened in the last five years, our big boy has gone from a toddler wearing nappies to a big school kid ready for grade 2, our middle boy was born and has showed us what our combined stubborn streak can produce, our Charlie surprised us and now he's 2 and were getting ready for #4 to arrive. We've moved more times than I care to remember and I know we've spent far to much money in the process. It sure hasn't been an easy five years, but this last year has been one of the best, were in the same place and we know each other so well after 7 years together, were in a good happy place. 
When we got married I was 22, seems so crazy to me now that we got married 2 years after we'd got together, but we had Jack already and James was baking in my belly, it didn't seem rushing at the time, it just seemed good timing. 

Our wedding day 

Us five years later. 

Happy Anniversary my love heart. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



This is the last Christmas were going to spend as a family of five, only three small people. Next year we'll have an almost one year old seems so bizarre considering he still isn't here yet. 
A few of Michael's mates from work couldn't get home to their families for Christmas as their roster basically only leaves Christmas day and boxing day to travel there and back again, so were having them instead of them staying in their rooms at work, I couldn't think of anything more depressing on Christmas day than being stuck in your tiny room with nothing to do and no where to go. So far I'm catering for 11 including us. Thank heavens were off to the beach for most of the day, lots of swimming, drinking (by the big boys, not so much by me!) and eating. After reading Beth's Christmas menu this morning I thought I might share ours as well. We live in the same country but you'd never know it, Beth is cooking hot food in the cold weather, I'm trying to figure out how to keep everything cold while we swelter in the sunshine. 

Were having a smallish breakfast of bacon and eggs on the BBQ and loads of fresh fruit, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, cherries and mango. Lots of mango. 

Cheese, biscuits, dips, deli meat, nuts and rum balls, have to have loads of rum balls.

Honey and mustard baked ham, cold prawns with a mango and chili sauce, prawn and avocado rolls, cold roast chicken, tomato and bocchini salad, roasted Mediterranean vegetable salad,  garlic potato salad. 

Pavlova with lashings of  cream, passionfruit and strawberries, and a mars bar cheesecake. 

So if you don't see me around for the next few days I'll be in the kitchen, that's a lot of food to get ready when you look at it like that! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wish List

So apart from not giving birth on Christmas day what I would really like would be much easier to arrange.
I know my lovely hubby has bought me some new jewels although not the 3K ring he wanted to buy me (thank heavens!) in a magical world where money grew on trees and I could justify spending stacks on me this is what I would ask for.

White Gold Black & White Diamond Belt Ring

I'm sure the belt ring is out of fashion or daggy because I freaking love it and I'm usually months behind the trend. I'm putting this on my baby gift list (hint hint Hubby!) 

A Raspberry coloured cast iron dish love from Jamie Oliver. Beautiful.

A fabulous lounge from King Furniture. Really do I need to say anything else? 

What's on your Christmas list? Do you think you'll get what you asked for? Or are you living in a dream world like me?? 

Cast Iron pot

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 38!

I am officially gong to start counting down in days not weeks! 

I feel huge, and my right rib is defiantly bruised from a small bum resting under it, my hips hurt, my pelvis hurts. If I stand for too long it hurts, if I sit for too long it hurts. Yep it's defiantly time for it to be over. 
I have been sleeping through the night though which is a big change, I had terrible pregnancy insomnia with the other boys so this is very nice. 

This week I bought a few small things for the boy, a bath seat, more towels, and bibs. Still no pram though, I will get there eventually, it my not be til after he is here but hey!
I'm defiantly more calm this time around, I needed everything to be done and ready with the other boys this time I'm ok with things not being perfect. Its not going to be, why stress about it? 
Next week I'll be getting ready for Christmas, mum gets here on the 29th so then he can come out, fine with me! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It really is summer time here, and my boys are definatly feeling it.
I am forever wiping sweaty hair off faces so yesterday when Michael suggested he cut the boys hair I said sure, it's got to be cooler for them, and they were all starting to look a little bit like beatle extras. 
What happened next is not what I was expecting from a 'haircut' 

Before~They were all too excited to stand still or look at me, but I knew I wanted a photo of them with hair. 



Charlie watching what Daddy was doing to his brothers. 

After~My children now look like extras from Romper Stomper. I was expecting short but not to the scalp short! I said once before I was never letting Michael cut the kids hair again, now I remember why! Sorry hun it's back to the hairdressers for a cut from now on! 

My baby is no longer a baby that's for sure! 

Thankfully it's still a while before school starts so no creepy first day of school photos for us, the boys love it and have been feeling their own heds and rubbing each others heads, but mummy is not loving it. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The week that was

It's been a big week in our household, thankfully Michael come home tonight, so while I try to make the house look like someone loves it here are few (ok a lot!) of my favorite pics for the week. 

Charlie J waiting up for Daddy to get home from work, he was awake until 10.30pm. Gotta love his stamina! 

Putting up the tree, Jack getting 'tickled' (beaten) by Charlie with the tree


Missing my hunny heaps this week

Truck drivers parked three deep along the road across from my driveway, making it impossible to get out and for anyone who lives past us to get to there house, yep so over the sound of building! 

James calls this Santa dinner, anything with no hot veggies is Santa dinner because you have that sort of food at Santa time, makes sense yes?

Michael is a silly billy and let the boys play angry birds on his phone, they now have the bug and hassle me daily, I think this would satisfy them for a little while surely? 

My sparkly flashing Christmas bauble, isn't she pretty!

Morning tea outside before they boil. 

Major blowout, Michael suggested we put him on the shelf with wheezy, poor Woody. 

The first present for baby #4 is of course from my amazing sister. You know its an awesome present as well, best sister in the world x

Presents to be posted off to the family, why do we all live so far away from each other? 

Our duck population has grown, the first week it was a few ducks, yesterday there were 20 ducks waiting on our front lawn for bread. Can I class them as dependants now?

Crazy storm last night, I'm surprised we had power all the way through it. This was taken last night, by the light of lightening, it was so bright!

Even after a late night my small people were all up and in my bed by 6am, vat-o iced coffee for mummy this morning! 

Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 37

I am officially classed as full term! I'm not due for another 3 weeks so even if I go 1 week over there's only 4 weeks left to go, I'm so ok with that! I was looking at bump pics of Charlie and found the same dress in my cupboard so thought I'd do a comparison, whataya reckon any difference? 

Same dress, same weeks pregnant with Charlie.

This time around, I don't think I look much different?

James and Charlie were almost identical when they were born, height, head circumference, the only difference was James was 30gms heavier, I'm guessing this boy will be around about the same.

I went to the doctors yesterday, only problem was I read the appointment date wrong and my appointment isn't actually until Monday. Oops. Talk about baby brain!  

It's been a really hot busy week and I've fallen off the housework band wagon big time, my pelvis hurts when I bend or lean more on one leg so vacuuming hurts, mopping hurts which means my floors are driving me nuts, if I stack the dishwasher I need to have a sit down because my feet hurt, seriously I'm not moving very quickly these days! Hopefully I'll get the nesting bug soon and go crazy! 

I spent a small fortune at Toys'R'Us this week, all baby stuff (sorry big boys) so if this boy is anything like his brothers, here is where you will find him at nap time for the first few months 

It swings by itself, has 18 different songs, and 6 swing speeds. A mobile with a mirror and toys on it, and the best bit? I put it together all by myself. Usually I would leave it to Michael but with him being away so much I figure I better learn to do this stuff by myself! 

A cute new play mat with loads of fun things to do on it. 

And this came with the swing, its a tummy time toy, I would probably never have bought one but hey it was free so I'll try it out! 

Jack's on school holidays now, so I plan to take it easy and get things done at my slow poke rate, I've bought all the Christmas presents, now I just need to wrap them and post the ones going far away then bring on Christmas, and before you know it, it'll be baby time! 


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