Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Bunny

Today is the first day of the holidays, far out what a long drawn out term this has been!
I always knew James would be our difficult kid when it came to school, I shouldn't say difficult, a challenge. Jack's teachers always say he's a pleasure to teach and if they had a class full of kids like him it would make there jobs easy (I know its vomit worthy right?) but James dances to his own song and its vastly different.

On Thursday his teacher told me James had been very worried about things and had cried a lot in class, and when his teacher asked him what was wrong he said he was sad because his mummy didn't have enough time for him. When his teacher told me this my heart sank and it took all my strength not to burst into tears in the middle of the classroom. Then she explained a bit more, there letter for the day was L, James knew an L word. Lagoon.  James wanted to go to our little water park called the blue water lagoon, but instead of asking me if we could go on a weekend or during the day he asked me at 5.30pm. On a school day. When it was raining. My answer? We don't have time to go today. His interpretation to his teacher - very different!
So yesterday I was feeling a big dose of mother guilt I picked him up from school and told him we were going out, just the two of us, we were going for ice creams at maccas. Now your thinking he's overjoyed by spending time with his mummy who doesn't have time for him aren't you? Well your wrong. He looked at me and said "Can we just go home I wanna play with my DS"

Not only does he have his teachers wrapped around his little finger but it appears he has me wrapped even tighter.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Lately I've been very cranky and resentful towards Michael, and I figured out what the problem is. I'm jealous of his freedom. Of his ability to make a plan a be able to follow through with it.

While this boy is adorable and I love him to pieces my life revolves around him, and so it should at this stage, but it's frustrating sitting with a baby attached to my boob while Michael can take his time getting ready for the day or stay  up late watching dodgy TV because there is no reason for him to be awake in the middle of the night. He can duck out and see a mate for half an hour, and have a beer or six without worrying about when William's next feed is.
Last night Michael bathed the baby for the first time and cooked us dinner. Doesn't seem like a big thing but for a lady who takes her day in stages it was a big deal.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shop til I drop

Letter love from Typo.

I've discovered something about myself.
When I'm stressed, over tired, or feeling out of control, I shop.
As a teenager I shopped a lot, but when I became a wife and mother I didn't really have the funds to do it and I stopped, after a few years of marriage and lets face it, after Michael worked his butt off to get his almost perfect job which pays him enough to cover the boring things in life, it has left us with money to shop. In our relationship I have always been the frugal one who paid the bills and Michael was the one who couldn't hold on to money if he tried. But lately it's been me, and to be honest I'm loving it. It's the one thing in life I can control. My baby doesn't sleep, my house is a constant battle that I lose more days than I win, but shopping? Shopping I can control. With William in the carrier walking around the shops he sleeps, Charlie loves to go in the elevator and always brings home a new car or book so he's happy to shop with me. So as superficial and mindless it seems it makes me happy. Now I just need to get my life back under control before I run out of things to buy. Who am I kidding, before I run out of money!

Williams new digs in our room. Complete with music, night light, vibrate and toys. Did we need to buy the most expensive one? No probaby not, but look its so pretty!

Charlie's new PJs. One of the many things that came home with us from Cotton On Kids.

New shoes? Don't mind if I do! Stripes? I love stripes!

Oh and pink in my size? I better take them as well!

Ohh dresses on sale at crossroads? I'll take three thanks!

Yes I realise I need to stop. Jacks birthday is in two weeks, the day before Easter and I'm trying to stop myself from going over the edge. 
I wonder how much stuff the Easter bunny can bring?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bottle Pusher

He sleeps.
Not often and in short burst, but he sleeps.
After only gaining 300gms in 8 weeks I decided as much as I want to fully breast feed if I'm not sleeping, he's not sleeping and we spend all day attached to each other nobody is really happy.
So I've become a formula buying bottle pusher. A top up formula bottle at night before bed so I can sleep for 5 whole hours, and a small half a feed of formula in the morning so I can spend some time with Charlie and get some housework done with TWO hands. Its amazing how much you can get done when you've got half an hour to do it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picnic without the Basket

Last Saturday was Michael's last day at home before another 5 days away. We decided to make the most of the day and went on a picnic.

It was Williams official 2 month birthday so we celebrated with a cream filled sponge and wine out of plastic cups.
We went to a gorgeous park across town that we'll be going back to soon. Every time we drive through the south side of town I realise how much I love it, the old houses, the funny little shops, the cul de sacs. When we buy a house I want it to be on that side of town. As much as I love our new house, it is sterile and a bit boring. I never thought I'd say it but I like houses with a few quirks. I want to check out that side of town more often which means more picnics, which means I need a picnic basket. I'm adding to my shopping list!

Friday, March 16, 2012

2 Months

2 Months old and you've changed our lives forever. I'm trying to take lots of photos and write things down because the days go by in such a rush I know these baby days are going to go far too quick and before I know it I'll be complaining you've turned into a toddler. Please don't be a crazy independent toddler like your brother? Let me put your shoes on at least once a week, ok?
Your not sleeping, ever. And I admit it it's killing me, not so softly. I spend 23 hours a day with you attached to my boobs or wearing you. Lucky I love ya kid because I wouldn't do this for just anyone!
2 Months and this is how much you've changed:

Want to see how much he's changed? See his 1 Month photos. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fashion Fun

I've started playing around with my wardrobe and adding a few more things to it and just having fun with it, this is my outfit from Friday, apart from the shoes I've had the rest for a while. Nothing extreme for school drop off, shopping and a doctors visit but it was easy to feed in, easy to shop in and I felt super cute with those pink shoes on. 
I might have to do this more often!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My extra day

After reading this post from Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim I  wanted to do something extra to make it a special day. After all how often do you get an extra day?
So this was my day:

I made special lunches for my school boys, there may have been fairy bread snuck in the lunch boxes as well.

Jacks lunch: Shooting star shaped sandwiches

James lunch: Dinosaur sandwiches, and a note for those who can't read yet. 

I had sleepy snuggles with my booby monster

I let this dip crazed boy eat his lunch in the lounge room...

while watching his favorite movie.

I wore a new dress and put make up on. 

Took all four boys to the park with sorbet in a tube for afternoon tea

and watched my James climb all the way to the top. 

I finished the day off by ignoring my housework and getting some much needed sleep. Today is back to reality but I might have to do this kind of thing more often. extra day of the year or not. 

How did you spend your extra day of the year?


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