Saturday, September 29, 2012

Holiday Love

This is what school holidays are all about. 

Taking our time, not having to be at school at 3pm. Absolutely took this for granted before I had kids at school. 

 Ah school holidays why do you take so long to get here and leave us so quickly?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Partying... Rainbow Style!

Yesterday we had Charlie's third birthday party. Still can't get over that he's three. Anyway. 
We had a rainbow themed party, I made the mistake of searching pinterest for rainbows and rainbow parties. I had ideas coming out my ears! I went with a few I could do in advance or wouldn't be too hard like filling a glass gar with gum balls ans tying helium balloons to it. Cute and easy!

It was a hot day and perfect sunny skies for a party and the kids made the most of it. Between the jumping castle and the food they were pretty happy for a few hours.

Oranges as jelly cups, seriously where do some people get these ideas from?!

Fruit 'rainbow'

I'm pretty sure dad was in!

The magic of icy cups, most of them sat and ate them. Amazing. We had about eight kids, both our neighbours and a few of our close friends. It was only small but it was perfect for Charlie.

My biggest boy has been feeling a bit left out this week, James had a party to go to on Friday night and Charlie's birthday has been going on for weeks so to cheer him up we took selfies and I let him take some photos on my camera. Whatever works!

Happy Birthday to my big three year old! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

8 Months

My gorgeous boy. Crawling has been a gift from the gods and a curse all at the one time. 
Now he can follow me around the house, but he also ends up filthy from it. I can now leave him for more than five minutes with some toys or a milk arrowroot. Seriously five minutes with both hands to get something done is amazing and I'm sure my back is thankful. 

Still no teeth, he's drooling but no sign of swollen gums so I'm thinking he might be like Jack and wait til he's one to get his teeth. Fine with me.
We sorted out his poo issues, thank heavens, he's such a happier camper now!

He has his Daddy's charm this boy, he has women stopping to talk to him in the supermarket, at school, everywhere, he puts his arms out for a cuddle but only if they are gorgeous things. Typical boy. 
Were still breast feeding and I'm so impressed with myself, he's our longest fed baby and the one who sleeps the least. He's such a different kid compared to his brothers, he's going to be the one keeping me on my toes I can see it already. 

See his 7 month photos here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winery Weekend

This is where we were this weekend. Hard life right? 

It was a whirlwind visit, we left home on Friday morning and after an endless amount of time with a crying baby in the car being trapped in roadworks we finally made it by dinner time.
It was so worth it. We need to get Charlie a cow. He was so in love with these cows, this one kept getting closer and closer to the fence while Charlie talked to her. So adorable. 

The whole winery was littered with gorgeous art and fun things, like this umbrella stand, seriously how freaking cute! I want to move in. 

A veranda with no house. Fun and space saving yes? 

My spunky hubby, he scrubs up ok when he wants to. Until he opens his mouth anyway. 

The whole place was so kid friendly, we were there for four hours and the boys had such a good time, they ran from animals to hide and seek and they were out of the way of the forty or so people trying to have a relaxing lunch and vino. Made my day so much easier.

My gorgeous nephew Isaac and William. We breed good looking kids right?

This is Sam the pig. Charlie the animal whisperer convinced the pig to get closer and closer to him. I think if we'd stayed any longer he would have jumped that fence and ridden Sam. 

You can dress them up but doesn't mean you can take them out right? 

The whole reason we were there. Michael's mumma had her sixtieth birthday lunch. Such a nice day and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.
Was so nice to see some family, doesn't happen often enough.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday Charlie turned three. Three people. If he is anything like his big brothers this will be a good year. Three is when they get that their actions have consequences and they learn sympathy, and turn into little people rather than toddlers. Three is a good year.

Love that surprised face. We have taken that truck with us everywhere for two days now. It was a huge hit. 

Being a Monday we had to take the big boys to school so to convince him to stop playing with his toys and actually eat his breakfast I tied balloons to his chair and called it his birthday chair. He thought it was the best thing ever and I think they might have to stay there forever. 

Once we'd dropped the boys to school he wanted to go to the marina and look at the boats then go to the park for a play. I told him this slide is a big boy slide and now he's three he should go down it, so he did. There is no way I would have convinced him to do that a few months ago. 
He did it about 20 times before we left. 

After the park we headed for 'shushi' this is his new favourite lunch, fine with me I'd rather do that than take him for maccas.  

After school we had Charlie the caterpillar cake. He has been hassling me for months to get this cake with his name on it. Now we've done it hopefully I can stop hearing about it. 

Love this kid. Three! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Lady

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a friends place, the boys spent hours playing and I got to drink coffee and hang out with a friend.. Win win.
So last night the boys were exhausted and all three big boys passed out in front of Narnia by 9pm.

Instead of going to bed like a sensible person who will be up several times during the night with my smallest person I rebelled, decided that it's Saturday night and it's my weekend too so I made a cup of tea and caught up on some TV, played on pinterest while my hubby and I sent each other silly text messages. I know right? Rocking Saturday night right there!
A few years ago I would be just starting to get ready for a night out at 9pm not thinking about going to bed. It has been ten years since I was 18 and partying hard every weekend, I doubt I'd be able to do it now, in fact I'm sure I couldn't do it now. I really am an old lady now!

Did you have a rocking Saturday night like me, or did you party on age appropriately? 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've completely fallen off the blogging wagon. It's just not been up high enough on my to do list. I'd rather pass out in bed instead of stay up half an hour longer on my computer.
There I said it.
Instead of blogging in the last two weeks this is what I've been up to, having coffee dates, lunch dates, after school play dates, planning two birthday parties, a baby shower, a weekend away, a garage sale, and toilet training. Oh and Michael has taken on a second job which means instead of him being home for five days he's home for two, you know just to add to the craziness.

Michael bought a new car, a nissan patrol, I think we should call her Peggy the patrol, so that's what I've been calling it. Michael thinks it's a dodgy name but hasn't come up with anything better so I think I win. I may have taught the kids to call it that as well. Yep I win.

Our ducks have come back and we feed them a ridiculous amount of bread daily.

The little boys and I have been going for walks of a morning so William has been snoozing it up in the pram. 

Charlie has had a big growth spurt recently. Not in height but in development. Toilet training is in full swing, he has a stack of new words and he can listen understand and remember and explain. He's three on Monday and he's so ready for it.

The dress ups have been re-discovered and everyone is in love again. James tried to put everything on at the same time. He's a woody, workman pirate fireman. Totally works. 

There has even been some interesting battles, pirates and dinosaurs for example. Who would win there? 

So that's us, now were off for a play date, as you do. 

What are you doing this weekend? 


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