Thursday, March 10, 2011

Food Glorious Food

When people ask me how many kids I have and I reply three boys I often get a shocked look or a look of sadness. I realise its an automatic reaction but it drives me crazy, I am positive I'm not the first or last person to have three boys. Apart from 'When are you going to try for a girl?' and 'Oh you've got your hands full don't you?' the other things everyone says is 'Your grocery bill will be a killer when there all teenagers!'

News Flash it starts well before they are teenagers, Jack Jack usually has a big growth spurt over summer, this year it's a bit late, how do I know this? Because he is eating us out of house and home.

This is what he's been having for breakfast, a huge bowl of cereal he then followed it up with two pieces of toast.

Then this is what I have been sending to school with him, a sandwich two pieces of fruit, some popcorn or cheese biscuits, fruit bar, muesli bar, cheese and a yogurt.
They have a 'power snack' at 9.30am today he had an apple.

As soon as we walk in the door from school he wants afternoon tea.

Bickies and milk anyone? Can I have something else?

By 5pm he's asking for more food. We eat dinner about 6pm so now way he's eating at 5pm.

Last night for dinner we had this

Chicken and veggie skewers, coleslaw, garlic bread, cheese, strawberries.

Believe it or not he finished it then finished his brothers then asked for ice cream.

All that and he's not even six. I'm in big trouble.

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