Monday, November 22, 2010

Ah Holidays, I miss you already!~

As always when we go away I didn't take photos of the important stuff, but I did try!
We got very touristy, sculptures by the sea, Taronga Zoo, Aquarium, bondi beach, powerhouse museum, monorail, ferry (or six), lunch in China town. Do I need to go on?
Anyway we went to Sculptures by the sea with my Dad and his lovely wife Robin, got no photos of them (I'm hopeless) but did get some funny ones. I love this panel van, Michael and I actually agree on one thing and that that a panel van must be part of our family one day, so I had to get a picture of Michael with this very well made sculpture. 

Cheese anyone?
I dressed the boys in bright shirts so not to lose them, I still lost Jack a few times, but only because he was in the middle of a sculpture, I still freaked out for a minute!
Jack adopted Robin, he told me he'd like to live next door to her and didn't really let go of her hand the whole time. Was so unbelievably cute.

On Monday we kept Aunty Isha from work and took her to the Zoo, James was not impressed by anything can you tell from that face? It's taken a week and a half but he's finally over the sniffles and he's now returned to his lovely self. I took some photos to keep us busy while we were waiting for the seals to show us their stuff.

On Wednesday we went to the Aquarium, about half way through we found the kids area that is interactive. This touch screen James is in front of was a interactive colouring in sheet that you could email to yourself once you were done. I think Michael and I had more fun than the kids did.
After we were done looking at fishes, sharks and turtles eating squid for lunch, the boys were starving so of course we had fish and chips for lunch. The boys didn't realise but it still felt very wrong!
After we were done sightseeing and catching up with friends and family we headed to Orange on the train and you know what never again will I book us on there. I thought the boys were a good age but 4 hours in one spot is hard with a carriage full of older people asking to be moved away from your noisy children. Oh dear.
Anyway so while we were there Michael caught up with some old friends and I got to go out for dinner with some of my oldest friends

My beautiful friends and I, kindly taken by a stranger in the restaurant. I'm the one towering over everyone else, can you see why I get called 'big girl' ??

It was one of those nights. Michael and I doing duck lips. Trying to be teenage girls is defiantly not for us!
Twice in a week I got my hubby all to myself with no kids, thanks Nanny for staying home with them while they slept so we could party like a young childless couple. It was such a funny night. I wont share anymore pub photos as they are terrible!
Ok enough of the holiday. Tomorrow back to reality and boring posts about boring mining town rubbish. I know your jumping out of your seat aren't you?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Date Night

While we were on our awesome holiday my beautiful sister baby sat my tired and sick children so Michael and I could have a night out just the two of us (first time since I turned 24, Jan 2008!).
She organised a lovely place for us to go and paid for it. So off we went to Darling Harbour to the Helm Bar. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes good food, cool people and tasty cocktails, oh and the view wasn't too bad either!

So we sit down share some bubbles and out comes this. A seafood platter for two mussels, prawns, scallops, bugs, oysters, I can't even remember what else was on there! I only had my phone on me but I knew I'd want at least one picture of it.

We had such a good time we talked about a sea change, literally. A big move somewhere we want to live not a big move because of a job. We want to do it in a few years but after a few days in Sydney it hit home we'd really like to move sooner rather than later. I know we'll need to do a few things first but it's defiantly brought it front and centre in our brains.
After a few gorgeous cocktails(ever had an espresso martini?) we headed across the bridge to the casino before I knew it it was 2am and we were in Kings Cross eating kebabs and pizza.
Best Date Night Ever!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Polly Dolly


So when I read this weeks polly dolly I have to admit my mind went straight to S Club 7. I know how sad is that?
Anyway a few years ago (ok maybe like 10 or 15 years) I remember they did a film clip where one of the pretty blonde things wore this awesome jumpsuit and I wanted one. Badly. Unfortunately as I've always been a big girl a jumpsuit is really not for me, but if I was going to do it this is how I would. Extreme. 
Can you see me walking down a red carpet in this? No me neither but it would defiantly make one of those best/worst dressed shows.
To play along with Danimezza and everyone else that loves a good jumpsuit head here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Were back!!

Well after the best holiday we have ever had were home.
How yucky is it to get back to reality after two weeks of bliss.
Today Michael is back to work, Jack is back to school, and I am back to being a housewife. How very boring.
Michael and I had some big conversations while we were away about doing something really drastic and moving across the country and starting fresh closer to family and friends that we dearly miss. I almost had Michael convinced until we had to get on a bus at 5.45pm in the middle of Sydney on a Thursday afternoon. It was just a bit to crazy for him. I'm still working on him.

So I should be washing up and unpacking and sorting out the house but my computer was calling me and after two weeks I guess I can be on holidays for one more day : ) Just a few photos I'll be back tomorrow with more and a few stories from our awesome holiday!

I love this photo of James. He is inside one of the sculptures by the sea at Tamarama.

My three Giraffes at Taronga Zoo.

My two big boys on the ferry on the way to Darling Harbour.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleep is for the weak!

This week my baby has been so out of sorts. He was in such a good routine forever so this week has been rough on everyone.
By Wednesday I was feeding him lunch at 10.30am so he could eat before he fell asleep. Obviously I was still not quick enough. I handed him his bottle like I do everyday but instead of him walking off to his bed he layed on the floor drank some and passed out. This was before 11am, he usually doesn't go to bed til 12.30 so this completely threw me. Poor kid.

I did put him to bed but first just a couple of photos.

Thursday. Passed out on Dad's lap. Poor Dad couldn't move his leg.

You know my kids are sick when they sleep with this blanket. My mum made this blanket for me when I was little and for some reason I always pull it out when my boys don't feel well.
Poor Chalie bear. Thankfully today he seems better. Just before we go away for two weeks and completly ruin his sleeps! Oh well!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jean Paul? Yes Please!

How cute are we? Michael and I now smell the same. I smell like a beautiful woman with a great hourglass figure, and Michael smells like a very buff man with a funny looking package. Thank you Jean Paul Gaultier

I feel very out of the loop this week, I seem to have lost time to do things, maybe because I am looking after extra kids at least 2 days a week. I just don't seem to find time in the day for much else. Jack has been taking the bus to school so I've missed out the mum chat before and after school, and I have been at home with kids so we've missed playgroup. I missed a Halloween party yesterday because no one invited me. I don't think it was done with any malice, I think I was just forgotten. I still feel like the school kid who was the only one in the class not invited to the birthday party. 
I've lost my online time as well somewhere I seem to spend half an hour online but never get done what I planned to.
Anyway enough whining, were off on our big holiday on Saturday so hopefully when we get back I'll be back in the swing of things.


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