Sunday, March 6, 2011

Polly Dolly

   My favorite big girl who always looks fantastic on the red carpet. The one and only Queen Latifah. I actually googled Jennifer Hudson, but she is not a big girl anymore she is a skinny minny!
Anyway it took me a while to decide on a dress as she is one well dressed lady all the time. I love the sparkles on this dress and my polly does as well that's why shes rocking the diamond cuff bracelet, and ridiculous earrings. I am in love with those shoes, although you cant see Queens shoes I can imagine she would be wearing something stunning like these. I had to top this outfit of with Queens own perfume, seems fitting yes? Now if you excuse me I need to figure out how I can get around $3000 to buy those earrings!
Play along over at Danimezza 


  1. The dress was a great selection. Just LOVELY! And i couldn't agree more about the earrings.

  2. Thanks hun it was a good dolly week ; )

  3. I want those shoes so much! and the earrings even more! Not fair!

  4. Me too! Those shoes are stunning very impractical but who cares hey? ; )


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