Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Fun

Yesterday we had a huge day. A huge FREE day. 
Apart from the cost of fuel to drive to the places we went, but hey we won't count that ok?

When our junk mail turned up this week there was a flyer for an open day at a local display home in an estate, on the flyer I saw the word 'free' and instantly I was interested. 
Kids are expensive, we all know that, everyone talks about it, it's even on the news, they are expensive. Doing anything as a family is usually pretty costly for us so when something is free I jump at the chance.

Snow cones = free

Charlie opted for a leg paint instead of a face paint = free.

James wanted to be the sun = free.

Jack looking like a creepy spiderman with his balloon flower, you guessed it the balloons were free.

The little boys both decided on dinosaur balloon animals = free.

There was also a sausage sizzle and soft drinks and a jumping castle. They really had gone above and beyond for opening their display homes. While we were there we thought we better at least have a look in the display homes. It was then that something dawned on me. We were so out of place, not that we had planned to ever buy in an estate but going to an open day really makes it obvious we would be so un-wanted, the neighbours would say, you know the ones with all those noisy boys and the fisherman's wife. 
I don't think people that live in an estate have more than two kids, or drive a car more than 5 years old, or buy their kids clothes from best and less. Everyone was dressed beautifully with swish looking prams, driving sedans. We were defiantly the only ones with three kids, and we were the only tarago parked out of the front. We need space, and as nice and pretty a new house like that would be we need more space than they can offer us, even after a representative showed us the 'big' blocks of land, I still chuckled, the yard was tiny. When and if were ready to buy our own house it will be an old house, pre damaged walls, huge backyard, space for a pony kind of backyard. 

In case you can't read that it says The Bluewater Lagoon is funded by Mackay Regional Council.
Your donation is appreciated. 
You know what that means, yep its free. A water slide, a kids water park, a kids pool, and two bigger pools. It is one of my favourite places to be at the moment, being in water sure makes my pelvis feel better, and the kids love it. And you know it's free! 

Jack disappears as soon as we get there to go and play on the kids playground, little slides covered in water and a huge bucket that tips out once its full drowning anyone close to it. James and Charlie are still happy to hang out with their daggy parents in the big pool. 

So there you go morning fun, lunch, and an afternoon swim proudly bought to you by the cheapest family I know, that would be us. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm in the money

Its official. As of today my little blog has it's very first advertisement. 
I am officially making money from blabbing away on here about things that can only be interesting to me and those who are related to me. (I'm looking at you Dad) 
I love that now I have a valid reason and excuse to take a little longer when I'm getting ready. Hold on honey I need to blog first. Michael can't say anything about that now can he? Now that I'm bringing in income! 
I'm not completely crazy I realise I will probably make 5 cents this month, but you know what I still feel like doing a Dr Evil laugh. 
Now I also know that if people didn't read my blog no one would want to advertise on here, so for that I completely love you, all of you. Is that weird? Well you'll just have to deal with it, because I love you. So there! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 35

Yeah baby week 35. I love that it's only 5 weeks to go!
My sister requested a non bathroom shot of the bump, so instead here is a headless shot thanks my lovely James, photographer in the making. 
I had a midwife appointment yesterday and in the last month I have put on a grand total of 10 grams. How awesome is that? I put it down to Monday getting the gastro bug that everyone in town seems to have gotten, in 24hrs I more than likely lost all the weight I put on in the last month. 
Baby is still posterior, his back is on my back he should have his back on my belly, which is worrying me a little, but I'll keep doing the exercises to get him to turn around even though they completely contradict what the recommendations are for pelvic instability. I know its getting close to the end when my body just starts falling apart. 
I went a little nuts on eBay this week, I was planning to get a cover for our 3rd hand bouncer but when I was looking for one I found replacement covers, even better. Our bouncer turned into a outside play toy and after a few weeks in the hot sun I wasn't real sure if it would hold my chubba bubba so now I have a brand new mint green cover. Love that!

I still bought a cover its padded and so soft, I almost bought a plain coloured one until I remembered how much mess a small person can make, and opted instead for this cute one covered in combi vans. 

Apart from that I've just been feeling huge and making a lot of old man noises when I try to move around. Oh and did I mention we decided on a name? I can't believe it took us so long and was such a hard decision. I knew when we found it we'd just agree and that would be it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There's something about this time of year, or it may just be because I'm pregnant, but I get home sick, today is my best friends birthday, she turns the big 3-0 that's a big exciting number to be missing out on, I'm missing out on seeing her gorgeous little girl turn one in January as well. That's sucky. 
So after a quick chat with her today, and a chat with my sister about Christmas plans and baby names,  I had a little cry.  Who am I kidding I had a ugly cry.
I miss both those women like crazy. 
As much as I love living in Queensland and the opportunities for all of us here compared to where I grew up, it sucks being so far away from old friends and family. My beautiful sister is in the process of moving to Melbourne from Sydney so she'll be even further away, and seeing her once or twice a year just ain't cutting it. 
I know I'll get over it, but next year I'm booking my sister for Christmas, if I do it now she won't have plans already! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 34.

This week baby is perfectly formed and will spend the next few weeks getting bigger and their lungs will develop a little more.
This week baby #4 got the hiccups, defiantly a funny thing to experience if you haven't before. 
I'm learning to take it easy and put my feet up more, my pelvis really is running my life a bit at the moment but the boys have been really good about helping me out and taking it easy on me, thank heavens. 
I finally picked out a theme for the baby's room. Teddy bears, who knew it would take me this long to decide on teddy bears! I bought a cute set from Target with grey teddies and hot air balloons, it's simple but cute and I'll be able to add other things to it as he gets bigger and gets more interested in things.  
I bought a cute vinyl wall sticker for his room, it's a quote, can't wait for it to turn up so I can put it on the wall above his cot.   
I feel like now we're just waiting for him to turn up! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun

This is what I'm doing today. 
Full fat coke, cheesecake and cookbooks. I am a sugar free dieters worst nightmare!
I'm starting my Christmas food planning now that I have the presents pretty much figured out except Michael, after his epic birthday I don't know if there is anything left for me to buy him. Were having an extra 6 or so people for Christmas lunch which will be fun and hectic and as I'll be 5 days away from my due date I don't really want to be making anything difficult. Salads, seafood and a big assed pavlova is a definite. 
My pelvis is killing me today after sleeping with Charlie last night, and Michael is currently at the physio after hurting his back at work this week so I think it's going to be a quiet weekend at home for us. 
What are you doing this weekend? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pitbull anyone?

My very awesome two year old getting his freak on to pitbull. I'm sure Michael would be really happy with his son's taste in music. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



I have turned into a moody cranky pregnant lady. I admit it. 
When I'm pregnant my patience is thin, my moodiness is high and my ability to be polite and tactful goes out the window. My poor husband says the thing he hates about me being pregnant is I'm too honest. So if you've had anything to do with me in the last 33 weeks you'd probably have noticed I've been complaining a lot about everything, well today I got a whack in the face, probably just what I needed really.
Michael's Aunt and Uncle will be spending Christmas without their eldest son who went missing a few weeks ago driving home in western Queensland and today Michael found out the body of his cousin had been found.
To make matters worse they lost their youngest son a few years ago. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child, it's just not the way it's meant to happen, not once and certainly not twice. 
So today I read that extra story James asked me for at nap time and let Charlie have that extra piece of watermelon after lunch.
I really have nothing to complain about. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This was taken at 6am. Seriously who is up and dressed and packing the boat at 6am on a Saturday morning? Not me that's for sure. 
Michael took the two big boys out for the day to be pirates, searching for treasure on deserted islands included, and hopefully some fish this time. Charlie is still a bit to small to be in the boat without someone to keep an eye on him so I kept him at home with me. 

I don't know when my two small boys got so big. 

See that sunlight? Yep way too early to be awake, it's Saturday. I married a freak. 

Poor Charlie he always misses out on the fun, soon enough he will be a big boy but for now he's stuck at home with his mumma. 

Baby Daze

Week 33.

What a week. I can now officially say I am ready for it to be over. 
This week I became the one of the 1 in 5 who suffer from Pelvic Instability. Thankfully it's taken until week 33 to arrive unlike some woman who have it from the very start. I now have to spend the next 7 weeks trying not to open my legs, keep my knees together and don't push anything heavy or bend over. Ever tried giving birth with your knees together? 
My lovely husband also informed me this week this is the crankiest and moodiest I've ever been during pregnancy, I informed him this is the first time I've been pregnant with three kids to look after. I think I'm allowed to be a little cranky when I don't sleep through the night and my husband works away for 4 days at a time. To bad if I'm not allowed because I will be cranky anyway! 
Baby this week is drinking his own pee, doesn't that sound inviting? Drinking your amniotic fluid then peeing it out then drinking it again. By week 33 baby should be around 43cms long with the head down. I don't think this boy has discovered that spot just yet, they do say with every baby they drop much later and prefer to hang around under your ribs instead. 
Now I have everything pretty much that I need, just waiting for December before I start washing baby clothes and the car seat. Then bring on Christmas once it's over I'll only have 5 days to go, by then we shoud have finished the Christmas food and put the decorations away and life will be back to normal (ish). I'll be ready to have a baby by then! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog re-naming done!


So if you don't know what I'm talking about, you obviously don't read my blog. So here it is in a nutshell. Started my blog in 2009 when I was preggas with Charlie, we decided no more babies, I called my blog Kate and Michael + 3 after Jon and Kate + 8. Now 2 years later and a little whoopsie daisies there is another boy growing in my belly and it's time to change the name of my blog and add to my tattoo.
 So here we are, last week I ran a competition, throw your best blog names at me. And there was some seriously awesome names on the list but you know what, as amazing they all were, none of them felt right. I really have issues with names, probably why with only 8 weeks to go this boy has no short list of names, not even close to it. 
But I did spend hours scouring the internet for ideas and racking my brain for a new name. Michael suggested something to me in passing and it just stuck (bugger him!) So obviously I'm not giving him the prize so instead everyone who commented and suggested names is getting a little prize. Isn't that fun??!! 
So I'll be emailing you all that left comments to get your addresses and in the next few weeks you'll be receiving a little Kate and Michael + 3 love! 
That's what I call a good result for a giveaway! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 32

Every week when I see the new number it seems a little scarier.
32 weeks down only 8 weeks to go. That's two months. Only two months to go! 
This week baby's lungs are now not just for show anymore but are actually working functioning. Always good to know. 

I still feel really good apart from being a bit slower and needing to have a pop down after doing anything. I do often think I can do what I want, yesterday we did two trips to the beach, and by dinner time I was having some kick arse bratan hicks.  All that running around in the sand and dragging Charlie around in the water was a bit much on my bump. I really need to learn to slow down. 
We are back to square one with names, every name I throw at Michael gets knocked back, and all the names he comes up with I think is terrible. 
I've been hanging out in the babies room re-organising and folding little clothes. I can't wait until I have a little bundle to put these tiny clothes on! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Place & Yours

This week Vic asked Where do you sleep? 
I should probably have taken a photo of the lounge because that is where I sleep often, badly but often. 

This photo I took with my phone (which is why it looks so dodgy) this morning at 5.45am when I went to pee for the 80th time last night. I sleep on the right hand side just there where Charlie's little feet are. Last night was not a good night in our house, bad dreams from James and Charlie is still not feeling the best and woke up crying even when he was next to me, poor mite. 

Want to see where other people sleep? Head over to see Vic at Punky & Me 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A letter

Dear Trick or Treaters,

                 Although I had no plans to complain about Halloween, I also had no plans to do anything for my kids, its not our holiday as far as I'm concerned and I don't need to give my kids any more reasons for  nightmares. When you arrive at a house with no outside lights on, and no Halloween decorations and are told no we don't have any treats, I don't think the correct response is to moan and complain. You just got a pregnant lady to stand up 8 times to answer the door, you should probably be a little more polite about it, so in honor of all of you who were so rude to me last night next year I am making a sign 'If you knock on my door I will throw hard things at you' Is that a good enough treat? 

Yours Sincerely 
                   Kate, non Halloween participant 


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