Monday, May 27, 2013

Cabin Fever

Is there anything less enjoyable than spending your weekend trapped in the house with sick kids? I often get a bit over being so busy all the time and not having a free day here and there, but after five days with small unwell sad children, I've discovered I actually like the crazy business, who would have thought! We spent Thursday Friday and the weekend like this. 
TV, blankies, juice, I was so bored of being in the house I started doing weird housework stuff like cleaning fans, washing doonas and folding all the clean washing in the house I could find. My floor is still not clean and my kitchen was a mess, but man are my fans are clean! 

These two both have tonsillitis, and even after 5 days of antibiotics Charlie is still not eating and has the whinge factor turned to maximum. 

So while the rest of the tribe are zonked, I hung out with the kid, tea, toast and little boys in onsies, that's the best part of winter right there. 

Seriously I love feetie PJ's, it's the novelty of wearing them very little and having them off by 8am or you end up sweaty. 

Apricot jam, yum. 

breakfast with cheeky face while everyone else had their zombie faces on in front of the TV. He appreciated my apricot jam. 

While the boys watched horrible histories and cars 2 for the squillioneth time I rearranged nick knacks, dusted them (amazing!) and chopped up some cheap fake flowers that have been floating around our stuff for years. I love the yellow and pink together, it's a little bit of joy. 

Sundays used to mean baking day for me but I fell out of the habit, so even though I suspected I'd only have one kid at school I made The Organised Housewife's 100 biscuits recipe. I made about 1/3 and froze the rest of the mix to be pulled out and baked later in the week I know if there is biscuits ready made they wont last! I added some caramel drinking chocolate to this batch and they are delish. 

Ah sick face, this is how we've spent the last few nights, curled up on the couch or in bed waiting for the last dose of Nurofen to kick in so we can both get back to sleep. I had forgotten what it was like to be up with kids during the night, hopefully I'll be back into it by October!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip!

A few weeks ago we packed up the kids and basically all our possessions and headed off to my hometown, a short 20 hour drive away for a gorgeous friends wedding and a long overdue catch up with everyone, before we made it back home we went via Suger's 30th and a few days with the boys Granny and Grandad. We were gone a total of 12 days but we packed a whole bunch in!
Starting here......

This boy, 3 is such a full on age. equally adorable and devilish.

We took the boys around the track in my tarago, yep kicking it at a full 60kms an hour!

My girlfriends from home, apart from the bride and the maid of honour, we of course didn't get a photo of all of us together. Hopeless. Also when will I find a friend that is taller than me? I am always the tall one!

My wedding favour, those jelly beans are jelly belly, and freaking delish!

On the way back north we went via Wisemans ferry, the biggest kid loves going across the car ferry. It's a gorgeous part of the world that's for sure. 

I seriously love these photo props, hilarious! 
In case you love them as much as me we were here 

The boys checking out the old school, it was tiny and would have been so freaking cold in the winter, you know I gave the boys a talk about how lucky they are. Yep I've turned into an old person. 

We took the two big boys here when James was one, it was nice to bring them here as older kids and explain things to them, they are such a good age where everything is exciting and interesting, without jaded eyes. 

Yep that's my kid rocking out driving the carriage. 

Steam train!

What else do you do on holiday? You play with animals that could kill you! That's my Charlie holding a crocodile. 

You see that face? Loved it, won't go near a dog but will play with scary things. 

For such a busy trip I'm glad we managed to fit in a few fun things for the boys, there was a lot of car trips a lot of boring mum and dad things but enough fun stuff to keep them going. 

Just before we left to make it the rest of the trip home we ditched the kids with their Grandparents for the night and went and partied with a heap of bloggers and hang out with Suger for her neon birthday bash. Was so nice to see her after almost two years and meet some gorgeous ladies, we laughed so hard and took some hilarious photos before this pregnant lady drove a few party goers to the pub and danced my feet to sleep!

That was our trip, 5001.8kms. When we walked in the front door I almost didn't recognise our house, we'd seen so much in such a short time.
Thankfully we had two weeks of school holidays to get over it. Next time we go home we'll have an extra babe!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oops I did it again

So for those who haven't spoken to my overly enthusiastic husband in the last 13 weeks or seen the announcement, this lady is having another baby.
Yep you know what that means, new blog name, more to add to my tattoo and my baby has been kicked from baby status to big brother.
I never expected to be the mother of five kids before I was thirty, actually I never expected to be the mother of five at all. It was not a planned baby, it was a whoopsie daisy, faulty PPE. I did feel like a teenager out of a bad midday movie telling my doctor the condom broke and I'm late.
Now that we've had a few weeks to get used to the idea Michael has decided if we can do five we may as well do six. The man is baby obsessed. I personally would like my body to resemble a 30 year old rather than the old lady who lived in a shoe.
I'm still trying to figure out how we will handle the logistics of five kids, school, Kindy, daycare, sports, homework, bath time. It all sounds to hard right now but I'm on the roller coaster and there's no exit for the next 18 years or so and I'm sure there will many a blog post about getting it wrong as much as getting it right...

 I'm ready for the journey, will you come along with me? 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 in 2013!

Last year was a crazy whirlwind, much more than I was expecting it to be. William kept me on my toes way more than I thought he would and like every year my list was a bit of a hit and miss.

Last year my list was like this:

1. Get through every day with four kids without ripping all my hair out and/or killing someone.
2. Find time in the week for me. 
3. Go to the beauticians/hairdressers more regularly.
4. Take the boys to their first football game. 
5. Go for walks with my two smallest people.
6. Visit some family off both sides.
7. Spend Christmas with those that we love, somewhere pretty.
8. Laugh more.
9. Stop and take time to play silly buggers with my boys
10. Go on dates with my hubby.
11. Say yes to things without worrying or stressing.
12. Stop second guessing myself, and just do it.
13. Go away for a kick ass family holiday.

So I did terribly. But it's nice to have something to work towards right?
I made it to the beauticians once, ditto with the hairdresser. We saw family but we didn't really do much traveling to see them. Lucky there's a new year hey?

So my list for this year may be a little more realistic, I know we've got a lot on this year already, pretty much every school holiday has been planned already, including Christmas and early 2014. 

1. Take the boys to their first football game (we already have tickets for May, is that cheating?)
2. Get a cleaner.
3. Save for a house (this better not be on my list next year.
4. Make the most of my Charlie bear before he starts Kindy next year. 
5. Go on dates with my big boys, often. 
6. Take Will to do fun baby things on our days just the two of us.
7. Buy a new dining table, and maybe a new couch.
8. Get some new winter boots (very important in my world.
9. Spend less time online and more time in the real world with my gorgeous boys and my beautiful girlfriends.
10. Blog more.
11. Take more photos of everyday stuff. 
12. Get some nice photos of all of us together.
13. Make new exciting dinners and don't get upset when the kids won't eat it.
14. Don't feel guilty about buying new knickers/bras/shoes for myself. 
15. Try to be less truthful with Michael, sometimes a little sugar coating is needed. 
16. Throw some kick ass birthday parties for the whole family. Life is more fun when you can celebrate with friends right?
17. Try to keep my car clean (ish).
18. Go to see proper grown up movies.
19. Be more organised, maybe then I would have posted this around the new year instead of February. 
20. Try to get the above 19 crossed off before 2014! 

Right what do you think of my list? Maybe not so realistic but hey it's nice to dream, what's on your list for this year? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

12 Months!

My gorgeous boy is a one year old. It's still strange to think we made it through the first year. It was a whirlwind that's for sure and I'm really glad I made the time to take monthly pictures and blog about it, reading back through the month by month posts reminded me of stuff I had already forgotten. 

He is our most loving boy yet, he demands hugs from everyone, if he's standing he will hug your leg if you aren't paying enough attention to him, but if he's lucky and you put your arms out he will give you big open armed, head on the shoulder kinda hugs accompanied with a little pat on the back. It's quite hilarious to watch and almost always gets an 'awww' from whoever he is hugging. I get the feeling he likes the attention, big time. 

I had to bribe him with a milk arrowroot to take these pictures, which is whats hanging out of his mouth. He's walking everywhere and cracked his first tooth just before Christmas. No stopping him now he's started. He's hit toddlerhood full force and is loving it. 

When I get the chance over the next few years I'm going to try to keep taking these photos with his quilt it's amazing to see how much he's grown already, my gorgeous big boy! 

To see his 10 month photos go here. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pond Scum~The new Detox?

Green pond sludge drunk with a curly straw has to make it more interesting and tasty right?

I have over indulged this silly season, worse than ever before I'm sure. Sunday was my first alcohol free day since before Christmas, Christmas!
Along with the booze I've had a ridiculous amount of take out, party food, crazy dinners, big breakfasts and crap.
My waist line is suffering, my face is breaking out and I had to break the habit with something a little drastic, so this morning I had a strawberry chiobani yogurt and a green smoothie with added spirulina, I don't even know what that means but its obviously something good right?

What do you do to kick the binging habit? Liquid diet for a few days? Detox? Please tell me I need it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Willie!

For those of you I'm friends with on facebook, you've seen these pictures so nothing to see here, move along thanks. 
Right for everyone else William had his first birthday earlier this month, James proclaimed 'He's got a number!' Because before if someone asked how old Will was James would say zero. Which to him was true, he had no number. 

Having your birthday so close to Christmas makes for hard present buying, he got so much stuff for Christmas that there wasn't much left for his birthday. He obviously didn't mind a great deal and was quite happy to see clothes when he opened some of his pressies. Happy enough to give it all a little clap. 

He spent all day sucking his lips in and drooling everywhere, between then and now he's popped out three more teeth, so no huge surprise.

I'm not sure where he got it from but he oohs and aahhhs at pretty much everything, It is ridiculously cute and  cracks me up how animated he gets about it. 

The boys were trying to teach William to put one finger in the air and when you ask him how old he is, he didn't like the look of their game and did what he wanted, which as the youngest he will do forever and get away with, that's the job of youngest right? 

Breakfast of champs for a one year old consists of french toast, loads of fresh fruit, cream and a honey drizzle.  Although he didn't get the honey drizzle (no honey til they are two) he still devoured it. 

After breakfast a mini catwalk fashion show, new shoes require showing off. 

First chocolate cake, just to make sure he is actually my son and he passed with flying colours. Couldn't take his eyes off it even for a quick photo. He wanted to stick those little fingers straight in itt.

He ate up his whole piece and wanted more. Yep he's definitely mine. A swim at the beach and early to bed and his day was done. So that's it, my baby is no longer, now a toddler in the making. His first year was full on and I'm guessing his second year will be as well, but much much more fun! 

Happy Birthday baby boy! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm not dead!!!

I'm such a bad blogger. My poor blog has been ditched since December the 9th, That's not a month that's closer to two months. Heck. Since then we finished school, had Christmas, saw in the new year, my baby turned one and now its almost time to send my biggest two back to school.
Anyway this is what we've been up to, you know in a six week nutshell. That totally works right?

Girls Night Out requires big hair, red lips and semi drunk selfies. 

The boys and I got into the Christmas spirit trying to be Rudolph. 

We went overboard with Christmas, well Santa did. Next Christmas one present each. Maybe two. 

Nanny Pants came for Christmas and my gorgeous sister and her man. I of course took no photos. 
I'd like to point out my 7yr old who is almost as tall as Nan, whats that about. 

I drank lots of these.

See that's me drinking it there, with him, in our own apartment for the night, with no kids. Yes we lived it up. 

I just want one nice photo of the four of them. Just one. I'm going to pay someone else to do it. 

Someone took to my kids head. 

11 Months, poor baby doesn't even get his own post, but I did take the photos, that counts as something right? 

I bribed him with biscuit. He looks so impressed. 

So that's us, six weeks of school holidays have been so full on but so nice to sleep in, stay up late, not have to be anywhere at 9am, and not having to wake up anyone for 3pm pick ups. Amazing how good it's been. There's of course been lots of fights and I have been drinking almost everyday but I will miss them when it's back to me and the two littlest boys but geez my house will be cleaner and I may actually blog occasionally. Not making any promises though. 


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