Thursday, March 31, 2011

boot heaven


My beloved boots that I bought brand new off ebay for just $6 have finally after 5 years, told me they have had enough and would like to go to boot heaven. I was unaware how sick they were until I put them through a small puddle and my sock was instantly soggy. Until I popped them on the front step to take one last photo I was in denial of how dodgy they were looking, no wonder my feet hurt after I wore them the heel had basically worn away.
So now I'm on the hunt for another pair, I can't make it through a whole cold season without a kick ass pair of boots. I wonder if I can find another brand new pair for six bucks. Me thinks I am dreaming!


  1. They're awesome. A little battered now, yes. But awesome. Good luck with the eBay search. There might be soooomething worth your 6 BUCKS!

  2. I've been looking and boots are expensive! I may have to spend at least $20! Ha!

  3. What a bargain for $6! I've been lusting after boots, it's been a few seasons since I've had enclosed shoes and my toes are finally sick of freezing through winter.

  4. Do it Amy do it! I don't think I'll ever find another brand new pair for $6, but I am definalty buying new boots this year!


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