Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Months

November '12 338

No longer is he a baby.
10 months is double digits, that's it, he's a huge kid now!
These photos are getting harder and harder to take. I think I'm going to have to keep him busy with food from now on.

November '12 331 - Copy

We made it to 10 months breast feeding, I'm super proud of myself. We had a few huge milestones within a few days of each other. He started sleeping in his own room not with us anymore, I stopped feeding and he started sleeping through the night. I didn't know myself!

November '12 346

He's become such a funny little creature and such a big boy, he's so mischievous and cheeky and has learnt how to nap! It may only be once a day but that's a huge difference from where we were six months ago!

See his9 month photos here

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A day to remember.

You know those days when your kids are driving you mental and you question your parenting techniques and abilities and although you know there is an end to the tunnel but you have no idea where it is or if you'll ever find it?
Then some days they do something that makes you do the ugly cry and your heart bursts with pride, and you know your doing something right and all the hard work and consistent effort to teach them to be good humans has done something good.

This week Jack and I have been talking about remembrance day and what it means and why the poppy is the symbol. After seeing the ladies of the RSL outside the supermarket he brought me change from his money box and asked me to buy him his very own poppy badge.
Anzac day and remembrance day were always a big deal when I was a kid, having a Grandad that was the president of the RSL probably had something to do with it, I'm so glad I can pass that on to my babies.

Jack asked me to take his photo, but not before I brushed his hair.
You have to look respectable. His words not mine.
Heart. Melt.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My crazy busy life

 I got an email the other day asking if I was OK and if there was something going on and is that why I'm not blogging as much anymore. I didn't think anyone would think there was anything wrong so to put her mind at ease and anyone else who thinks I may not be coping with four I know I keep saying I'm busy and it sounds like a cop out but I really am just busy. 

I try to blog more and some weeks I do better than others but really it's not high enough on my priority list most of the time. After a full day I just want to pass out, actually some days by 1pm I want to pass out.
Our normal week looks like this:
Monday: School drop off, then Charlies swimming lesson, home for showers and whatever housework needs to be done before school pick up, homework, baths, dinner, more homework, bedtime.
Tuesday: School drop off, Charlie goes to daycare so it's just me and Will so while he sleeps I get the floors mopped, clean the bathrooms you know all those joyful things. Then I try to hang out with him as much as possible before we pick everyone up and start all over again with the feeding, cleaning routine.
Wednesday: School drop off, playdates/library/park trip. Housework, school pick up, homework, baths etc etc etc.
Thursday: School drop off, Charlie has Kindergym then home for quick lunch before naps while I cook dinner, school pick up, finish all the homework before it has to be handed in then at 5pm the big boys have swimming lessons, home for a late dinner and bed.
Friday: School drop off, Groceries/housework/library. No homework but we usually have a friend over or we go to a friends.
Saturday: Pool/beach/park. Try to have a quietish day.
Sunday: Nippers at 9am which means the big boys have a blast and I wear a cranky tired baby while keeping an eye on Charlie taking over the beach and everyone's toys. Home at lunch time, showers, naps, school baking/dinner. Washing.

Throw in a few mumma playdates and lunches and that's just about us. I don't know about you but I'm exhausted reading that. Michael is working 8 days out of 10 so most of the time it's up to me and with my koala baby I treasure nap times to get stuff done!
So thank you for your kind thoughts and lovely email I really am a-ok just really actually busy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Week on Instagram

So this was a busy week compared to last week by the looks of things!
Last Sunday I threw the boys teddies a party. I answered the door wearing my Fiona ears, as you do.  Michael and I have been engaged for eight years. Eight years! Jack gave me a foot rub and brushed my hair. Bless him.
Charlie threw many many epic tantrums. Epic. My eating better plan resulted in me eating cereal that tasted like cardboard covered in banana, and then today my biggest boy and I had a date lunch, movie and shopping, four whole hours just the two of us. Before I put him to bed he thanked me for a nice day. Love that kid. So that's my week, I'm tired just looking at it and its only getting busier the closer its getting to Christmas.

Playing along with the fabulous Tina


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