Friday, April 1, 2011

Polly Dolly

little blck dress

Polly Dolly what a good way to spend an afternoon. I have just put about $5000 on my imaginary credit card. It's days like this I am torn about having a credit card. Thank heavens I don't my goodness I would have bought so much unnecessary stuff by now. But bugger it I would like to go buy a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Its called retail therapy for a reason is it not?

 This week is week no.52 of polly dolly, that's right a whole year we have been playing with clothes and imaginary credit cards. Who thought when Dani started this game where it would take her, now she's basically a celebrity. An awesome one at that.

So the little black dress in honour of one whole year of dressing our dollies. I had seven black dresses at one stage, that's a hard decision to make when you have no price tags or size tags. I narrowed it down to this one. I would never even think of picking this dress up I think that's why I love it so. Its nothing I would usually wear. I love the nude shoes and I have it on good authority from Melissa at Suger Coat It that nudes are very in this season. Thanks hun.
That clutch bag was triple the price of the dress I love it, can you imagine getting in a fight with that bag? You would do some serious damage! Smoking hot eyes and lips and some kick ass bangles. Those earrings scare me, fierce is the only word I have to describe them!.
If you love the idea of playing with an imaginary credit card and haven't played yet, your missing out head over to see Danielle and play along!



  1. Oh I love it!!! Beautiful collection. I want that clutch :)

  2. I love the asymmetrical look - it's sexy without being too revealing. I can picture someone wearing this to the Emmy's!


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