Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sandwich anyone??

This weeks theme at Hello Owl is most useful/used gadget in the house. This took me a really long time to figure out, I thought of the computer, the TV, the washing machine etc.

I eventually came up with the sandwich maker. Michael uses it everyday to fry eggs (yes it looks as gross as it sounds) and will often put his dinner in Lebanese bread and toast it for dinner (the recipe: Jenny Craig meals heated up, add cheese toast.Gross) and with two fussy eaters toasted sandwiches are a favorite lunch time food. I've also discovered if your 3 year old doesn't like something, make it into a toasted sandwich with cheese and he'll eat it! Yes this is how I feed them dinner sometimes it is seen as a great treat to have sandwiches for dinner, I think it's a great way of sneaking loads of veg into their day. Really its win win!

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  1. I nearly chose the sandwich press - it's going to be more and more of a fav as winter comes on.

  2. That definitely sounds like a gadget you should keep on using. Seems to help you heaps and makes things easier, and I'm all for making things easy! lol.
    But.....fried eggs in a sandwich maker!!??? Can't deny it's inventive I suppose! :)


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