Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Place & Yours

I admit it I have a thing for key rings. Not so much for keys, they are the boring part of a key ring.

This week's theme for My Place & Yours is What's on your keyring?

I swore I would never do this when I had kids and it took me a few years but yes I am that mum that has 7 photos of my kids in my wallet on my keyring and some selected shots on my phone on the off chance I see you without my kids. Sad I know. I'm getting some more pics of the little boys delivered soon so then I'll have James and Charlie on the otherside. 

My flasher teddy. A gift from my crazy mother who collects teddy bears 'something to remember me by' I'm pretty sure my sister got a S&M teddy, makes perfect sense to me.

Underwater world the only 'world' we've ever taken the boys and will be the only one for a while. This key ring has kept many a baby happy.

My foot, I don't even remeber where it came from but its kinda cute. My video ezy card thingy, my NT keyring, a gift from my mum when my sister and I sent her there when she turned the big 50. Yep thats right we sent her to the NT for almost two weeks and what did she bring me home? A  key ring. She knows me well this woman.

Where are the keys I hear you ask?
Well I have 1, my car key. Not that I use it to lock the car (the joys of living in a small town) if I could start the car without it I probably wouldn't ever remember to take my keys anywhere.
House keys are hanging on a hook just inside our door, I'm not sure if our front door even has a lock. If it does I've certainly never used it!


  1. Oh my your mum sounds unique you'd never catch mine handing out teddies like that.

  2. Unique is a very nice way to put it : )
    I certainly didn't have a traditional upbringing thats for sure!

  3. I love your collection of keyrings... The kids pics (I must admit I only have my kid's membership photos in my purse), the underwater would also amuse my baby too and the flasher Ted!


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