Friday, April 2, 2010

Polly Dolly~Easter

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So danimezza has me hooked on something new. Just what I need.

Dani's theme for this week is Easter.

Easter for me means rugging up in coats and scarves, cups of tea, movies in front of the fire and eatting chocolate in bed. Unfortunatly as were in Queensland I wont be doing any of that this easter and I've got the air con on (Although I may still eat some chocolate in bed) I couldn't go past this pink watch, it is after all from Tiffany
Most importantly though Easter means Jack is another year older. (Sigh) On Monday my big boy will be 5.
5 years old, that scares the hell outta me, what scares me more is the fact he knows he's turning 5, what the day is, the date, what year it is, and I think he knows what he's getting as well, he has figured out how to put words together so no more S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G things to each other over dinner!


  1. Love your outfit... and all the pink :)
    Happy Birthday for Monday Jack.

  2. Pink? What pink? Thats not pink! You should have seen my 1st outfit, I had to remove it all it was pink overload!
    Thanks you for the birthday wishes. I feel so old with a 5 year old!


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