Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Boy!

I'm really struggling with Jack turning 5.
I know why, he's the first to turn 5 and he's the oldest, but I don't remember struggling this badly when he turned 4.
Maybe it's just because he's started school already.
Maybe it's because he's really taken to school, I've asked his teacher to give me things for him to do on the weekend and school holidays, his brain never stops and there's only so much I can give him to keep his brain stimulated.

6 months old. Look at those cheeks!

9 months old. Still no teeth.

12 months old. I stood him up for this photo, he was only just starting to crawl!

2 years old. Just after dad shaved his head, almost killed me!

My 3 year old cowboy Jack.

4th birthday, so excited about his lunch box.

My big school boy.

My special boy, great big brother, even better sleeper, most definatly teachers pet. Very cheeky and sneaky, (I guess you have to be as the eldest brother) but most of all the most sweetest kindest boy I know, even bringing me tissues when I start crying on your birthday! I knew I was struggling but I didn't think I would cry when you opened your gifts!

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