Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chilly anyone?

I love winter and the cold weather, I think we all know that I am in QLD under duress, I don't hate the place but I'm certainly not going to start speaking slower or drinking XXXX. (I hope my husband doesn't read that)
So when it gets a little chilly I get the kids winter clothes out quickly before it gets hot again, then I take loads of blurry photo's obviously.

How much do James and Charlie look alike in this pic?

I didn't realise the big boys blanket sleepers were pretty much exactly the same, oner of the problems with having boys, there's not much variaton. But I don't care they still look adorable with their all in ones on.

I love this one of James and Jack, they are such good brothers and good mates, I asked them to sit together and James puts his arm straight around Jack. Charlie's not quite in the fold yet but they are getting there.

Love these boys.

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