Sunday, April 4, 2010

Its a long road to....

It may of taken me a week but I have finally finished this post!
I wasn't lying when I said it was a long straight road.
This is Michael taking pics in the car, not much else to do with 3 sleeping kids. He gets very bored in the car if he's not driving, poor thing, was that sarcastic?

It wasn't a completely bad trip, no where near as bad as I was expecting. Charlie was really good until we got 10kms out of the next town he would crack it. Poor kid didnt know what was going on, his routine was completly out the window, luckily he is a pretty flexible kid, I guess being the youngest you have to be. 

While we were there we took the boys out to Michael's favorite place, The Thompson river.

Michael has already started making plans to take the big boys back out, once he can drive again, for a camping trip, he's so homesick poor thing.

The boys love everything Michael loves, the outdoors, camping, statying up late looking for possums with their flashlights (their words not mine, way to much American TV) I'm quite happy for them to have a 'boys weekend' but Charlie gets to stay at home with mumma, just a little longer, then 'boys weekend' turns into 'mummys spa weekend' : )

The whole reason we went was for a funeral, a mum of one of Michael's school mates. I didn't want to take the kids because they can be a bit noisy. So while dad was at the funeral the kids and I did the tourist thing and took photos of the The Stockmans Hall of Fame  and the important stockman out the front. It's quite pretty really, not at all what you would expect from Longreach.

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