Friday, April 30, 2010

Polly Dolly

Have been far to busy this week so am only doing blog games and not really blogging, which I don't love but hey next week I will be loving myself for having moved everything and unpacked so much.
Anyway this week with Danimezza were off on a picnic.

So what would you wear to a picnic?

I love going to park's for picnic's. 
I picked soft linen pants I know completly crunkly as soon as you sit but who cares. A pretty pink top and cute pink shoes. I am always drawn to the pink version of everything but have been trying very hard to pull myself away, this week I'm not stopping myself and going a little bit pink mad, so I of course had to get the Lovely perfume by SJP, pink sunnies and of course pink cover on my ipod, I love to have tunes and Jack loves to play with the calculator(nerd)
I love this lemon printed cooler bag! We always take cooler bags with us to a picnic rather than a picnic basket everything stays cold then and its easier to fit in the pram.
You can't have a picnic without cake, and cupcakes are so easy to serve. I love coke out of a can and I'm hooked on coke zero at the moment. Just til we move I need a little extra pick me up. Well thats what I'm telling myself anyway.
I think once we have moved I might have to take the boys somewhere for a picnic. Thanks Dani for the great idea!

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  1. ohh I like those shoes and parasol!


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