Friday, April 9, 2010

Polly-Dolly. I like to move it move it!

White 'Tanned' t-shirt25 AUD -
PUMA - Solid Full Zip Hoodie (Dandelion) - Apparel.81 AUD -
Adidas Adilibria ¾ Gym Tights, Black, 10  49 AUD -
  Manduka + eQua Yoga Towel  22 AUD -
  adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto - Mei Ballerina (White/Vibe/Turquoise) -220 AUD -
  Green 'Olney' holdall bag  195 AUD -
   Wall Words and Decals by Trading Phrases 11 AUD -
  Old Navy Printed Stainless Steel Bottles 5.42 AUD -

This weeks Polly Dolly theme over at Dani's is gym gear.
She's just recently joined a gym and is doing something good for her. She's inspired a lot of us to do something about our post-baby bodys as well.
Me not so much.
Michael and I sat down to a packet of choclate covered almonds last night and a packet of sour cream and onion chips and a bottle of ginger beer. Somehow when we got up this morning I was hungry! Can't be a good thing.

Anyway IF I was a gym junkie, this is the sort of outfit I would want.
I hate sneakers so these are Adidas probably not for working out, but they are so very cute. I used to do yoga so I had to pick this cute pink yoga towel.
I love this holdall bag, I wouldn't put anything yucky like gym clothes in it but maybe a towel and drink bottle would make it in there. I'm all about cute water bottles at the moment and old navy is such a fun brand. James has an old navy t-shirt that says welcome to old navy and everytime I put him in it he and Jack say it to each other if funny voices, can be very annoying but I know they are having fun.
I think if I was a runner or a gym junkie, I like to move it move it would definatly be a song on my Ipod. Everytime I hear it it reminds me of madagascar 2 and the crazy dance moves of the hippo. I love her the most, maybe being a gym junkie is not for me.

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