Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polly Dolly

What would you wear/take with you to a nail salon?

I love playing the polly dolly game over at Dani's, its so easy to max out your imaginary credit card!

So if I was off to get a mani/pedi what would I wear? Something pretty. I always feel frumpy and gross in the presence of a beauty therapist, they are always so made up and smell pretty, I know that's their job but I still do.

I picked this cute frilly top and 3/4 jeans, as Dani mentioned skirts are not a great idea or comfortable when you have someone holding your foot looking up your leg.

Some key jewelery pieces, my $22,000 eternity ring (hint hint), diamond studs and a $6,000 bangle, what you don't wear that sort of thing to the beauticians?? 
Also my favorite perfume, jean paul gaultier, after all I want to smell as pretty as the beautician.

While I was maxing out my imaginary credit card I figured I should get some fantastic shoes, open toe so not to smudge my toes obviously, they are so pretty, I would never wear them but I want them!

A big bag to fit all my junk including a water bottle and lip gloss. I don't like to take stuff to read I much rather chat with the beautician, probably why my old beautician from home is one of my facie friends.

I couldn't decide what colour I would like on my toes, I've had red toes for about 7 years, I know your saying what the pink girl has red toes really?? I can't seem to find any other colours that's quite as fun.

Thanks Dani I really enjoyed spending all that money, now I'm off to hassle my hubby into buying me an eternity ring : )


  1. Hahaha you're awesome.
    I can't believe you don't have pink toes!!

  2. I know its wrong isn't it?!


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