Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Front Door

I am loving playing along with My Place and Yours over at Hello Owl. It's fun to see other peoples perspective and way of life.

This weeks is: What do you see when you walk through your front door?

Our front door doesn't get used as we have a lounge pushed up against it, so we use our side door which is literally 50cms away from the front door. (Who designs houses?)

If you walked through our door right now this is what you would find. Not ideal to have your dining room as your entrance but it has me OCD about cleanng the floor, with three little boys it gets nasty three times a day at least.
In the bottom left hand corner is my nappy bag, it doesn't have a better home than just there, hopefully at the new house I'll have a home for it.

Kitchen bench there is always a pile of junk, stuff that hasn't got a home, or needs a home or is not going to be in the house for long.
My wedding bouquet in a vase, I love the fact I had artificial flowers as my boquet (all real flowers for everything else), I know its tacky but I get to look at them everyday.

Computer and desk, with little piles of notes/lists/notebooks/messages Michael and I have written to each other, magazine folders full of paper work that needs to be either paid for or filed, blank and not so blank discs with nothing written on them, otherwise known as CD bingo.

Dining table thats been passed down through the family, I'm pretty sure this is the dining table my grandparents had when they were first married, we have a hard time fitting 3 kids and us around it, I dont know how they did it with 5 kids!
I love our mismatched chairs and Charlie's beautiful hand carved high chair, one day we will have chairs that match and a beautiful centre peice and no plastic placemats that have the alphabet on them, but for now this is what works for us.

As you leave our side/front door you will probably trip over a shoe or the pram, we do have a shoe rack, thats empty, I am probably the worst for just kicking off my shoes as I walk in, I have of course taught the boys all my worst habbits and they do the same thing.
We need a big shoe box, that would work, maybe.
The boys hats are at little boy height so they see them as we leave the house and can put them on their hooks as they walk in. Yes I should own shares in 3M!

To see what everyone elses front entrance looks like~Hello Owl.


  1. Gorgeous! Love your mismatched chairs, love how it looks like it's the heart and soul, home sweet home ;))

  2. Your front door and side door is only 50cm apart?
    Wonder what the logic was with that? hehe, there was probably a good reason at the time!

  3. Thanks Cherie it certainly is!
    Laura~We have a L shaped house, side door opens on to the dining room, front door opens on to the lounge room, no idea why we need so many doors!

  4. hehe this week it's tidy, I've had Michael home for 6 days thats usually when I get 'time' to clean that or watch bad TV with him : )

  5. The little hats by the door look so cute! Wendy x


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