Saturday, April 24, 2010

Polly Dolly

This week were off to the markets with Dani's polly dolly.

So What would you wear/take with you to the markets?

Well obviously I'd take my beautiful boys and the long list of things you need to take with you when you leave the house with kids.
Nappy bag, pram, drinks (Jack helped me do my polly dolly today so he picked this drink bottle it's got him name on it, obviously!), food, nappies, wipes, sunscreen, toys, hats.

For me a pretty summer dress, I love this green dress it has little strawberries on it, cute, and it doesn't show up the grubby hand prints or food spills that little boys leave on dresses when they give you cuddles.
My gorgeous eternity ring, in case you didn't see last week's eternity ring I'm wearing it again, although this one is $28,000 so we've gone up $6,000 maybe he should buy it for me before it gets any more expensive? Just a thought.
Sunnies, a must. Comfy shoes for the long trip around the markets, especially when I know I will be picking up kids to show them things, and give kisses on ouchies when little boys don't look where they are going and inevitably walk into someone or something.
Lipgloss and wallet full of correct change for all the fun things to buy. Toffee apples, fairy floss, second hand toys, fruit and vegetables, jams and pickles. I miss sunday markets!


  1. ahhh I want that dress!!!

  2. Me too! $65 australian, I was happy with that, what I wasn't happy about it's a one of a kind and it's out of stock! Grr!


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