Sunday, April 25, 2010

More partying really??

I am stealing idea's.
This weekend we had two 1st birthday parties to go to for little girls, and on Wednesday were off to a 3rd birthday party for a little girl as well.

My problem with this is I have no idea what to buy for girls!! I always thought having a girl would be great I could buy them all these things that I always see that I want to buy, but when it comes down to it I am a mumma of boys and always will be. Ask me what a boy would like for any age pretty much and I can give you a whole stack of idea's. Girls have me stumped. Also our little town only has really 1 place to buy presents so there's a huge chance of doubling up, we are also trying very hard not to spend any money we have no idea how much moving is going to cost but it will be pretty close to a huge chunk of our savings.

So thanks again to Belinda from the happy home for this great idea. Belinda gave little containers of playdough with some animal shaped cookie cutters as goody bags (awesome idea). I made a batch of pink playdough, added a few cookie cutters and some ribbon and here we are! Easy peasy, cheap as, and so far the mums have been pretty happy with it! Thank you Belinda!

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