Monday, April 19, 2010

My Place & Yours

I can't believe it's Monday already!
Time to play my place and yours over at Hello Owl.

This week's theme~ Where do you blog?

Firstly I would just like to say I hate my computer. Its old (2006) it's bulky, its a mess, we have photo's in a mess all over it, there are files and folders that have nothing in them etc. I'm putting in my orders for a laptop and wireless internet so I don't have to have the big ugly computer and big ugly computer desk staring at me.

The only thing about our computer desk that I like is the pull out keyboard tray. I did it all by myself, I'm not patient or talented enough for crafty things so I was very happy with this. It's just scrapbook paper cut into strips and covered in PVA glue, not exactly tricky! 

When we first moved in here I wasn't all that happy that the only place for the computer was in the dining room, but after a few weeks I realised that it's actually perfect for us. While I'm here click clacking away

I can see all three of my children. James standing far to close to the TV (as usual) Charlie trying to crawl, and Jack playing the DS. With two very 'spirited' and 'inquisitive' little boys I need to know where they are pretty much all times of the day. This is pretty much the only time of the day they are all awake together when I'm not trying to feed them clean them dress them rush them out the door. Jack likes some quiet time when he gets home from school so he is allowed the DS for a whole hour, James gets to watch cartoons and Charlie likes to harass them both until someone either plays with him or gets him a toy, he understands the tricks of being the youngest already.

From my chair I can also see my mess of a kitchen that I'm avoiding like the plague, I forgot how messy my house gets when I start to pack! Handy to know when the kettle has boiled, the stove is boiling over or when the oven has dinged. It's very handy being in the middle of the house!


  1. Your draw is super cute. I want a new computer too but I totally don't need one..I'd be avoiding the kitchen too I hate doing the dishes :P

  2. Yep I agree! Plus I couldn't live without my slide out keyboard tray either - no neck aches ;) I love being in the centre of my own universe too. Great place, great post ;)

  3. Oh yeah, laptops are the way to go. I always suspected as much, and 2 years after getting one I still say so. Mine is nice and compact [macbook] and is awesome especially when I want to work on something but its not practical to sit at a desk. Your pretty drawer is very lovely though.


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