Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you ready to PARTAY??!!!

....Is turning 5!

Mr Messy would like you to come and get

messy with him! (Bring your brothers and sisters too!)

Please join us for lunch and some party food.

Saturday 17th of April from 11am til 2pm at

(insert address here)

Michael and I would love for husbands/partners

to join us for drinks and lunch also.

(Please BYO alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks provided)

RSVP to Kate by 13th April for numbers on (insert phone numbers here)

Please wear old clothes, as you may get very messy!

Doesn't that sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday? If I got that invite I would definitely go.
I can't take credit for the idea I stole it completely from Belinda from The Happy Home. Back in November when I read her post about it, I knew that would be Jack's 5th birthday party. I altered the invites slightly as every party we've been to this year Michael has been the only Dad. It seems the mum and child get invited but then the rest of the family have to stay at home, that's not how we roll.
I have changed a few things around and have planned a few other things, like instead of the cornflour and water I'm using
Gelli Baff Bath Goo - Blue Lagoon

It's the nastiest thing I have ever touched. I made the boys bath full of it one night and it was D.I.S.C.U.S.T.I.N.G
So perfect for a kids party!
My plan is to make party bags in zip lock bags put them in a kids pool then fill it with the gelli baff and make the kids dig in the nastiness to get their goody bag! If some gets thrown around it's definitely not my fault, but I will be encouraging it. I'm so excited about this party.
I'll also be filling water bombs with food dye(just a drop or 2), slime, water, feathers, and anything else that I can think of. We've got a whole lot of water pistols as well (the joy of living in a hot climate in April its still hot enough for water pistols), the kids are going to go home wet and dirty if it kills me!
Paint, you can't have a messy party without paint, I'm going to get the kids to do foot prints maybe even hand prints, on some cardboard for them to take home. I'm sure their mummas will be happy with that : )
We've been buying bubble makers for months, bubble guns, huge long bubble blowers, bubble blowers with 10 holes for maximum bubble action (yes I just read that of the bottle) a bubble machine that goes all by itself, with batteries of course.
Belinda did a make-your-own-cupcake stand and I love the idea. Not to difficult,cupcakes, lots of coloured icing, and decorations galore. I can't wait to see how grubby everyone gets!

I'm making grown up food and kid food, I love kids parties but all the one's we've been to this year have been EXACTLY the same, different birthday child, same location, same activities, same food, boring.

So the grown ups are having ham/chicken salad rolls, home made beef and veg kebabs and marinated chicken drumsticks.
The kids get pigs in a blanket (cocktail frankfurts wrapped in pastry and baked), sausages on a stick, and fruit kebabs. After lunch and after they are sufficiently hot I'm thinking water ices (plastic cups with frozen water and cordial)
(As well as the usual cheese and bickies, kabana, dip, chips, popcorn, lollies. Bottles of water, juice poppers, and cans of fizzy drink)
Most things I can make in advance or Michael can do on the bbq, things on a stick are perfect for parties.
This way I get to feed them all but don't have to miss out on the party.
I'll also be making a Mr messy cake, not to difficult lots of round cakes and white icing, some writing icing in red, chocolate biscuits for eyes and licorice for his mouth.

So if I'm not around much this week you know why. Between Michael working all week, Jack being back to school, getting removal quotes, and getting the house party ready (including making decorations) packing and making cakes and party food, I think I'll be pretty busy!

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  1. oh yay! can't wait to see pics - i think the slime/feather balloons will better suit a 5 year old. mine would havfe just cried i think! haha enjoy!!!


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