Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 40!

This is my last pregnancy update (hopefully). My mumma flew up this afternoon and after my midwife checked me out this morning she told me I am already 2cms and my cervix is 'paper thin' sounds nasty but it's a really good thing. I'm hoping that this means #4 will be my chance of having a baby without the drip and the gel. I don't know how likely it is it'll happen but I can only hope!
I've started sleeping really badly, my hips hurt and I can't lay on them without them hurting but can't really lay any other way. My hormones and moods have been crazy, I think because of the lack of sleep. 
It's defiantly time for him to evacuate, I can feel he is right down in my pelvis which is uncomfortable but it's a promising sign.
Apart from sleep I feel pretty good, my belly hasn't gotten any more stretch marks thank heavens, I don't think it could stretch any more than it already had. 
So now we just have to wait and hang out with my mum and hope that the next ost I have is introducing our new little man. 


  1. OOHHHHH how exciting!! Good luck with it all! Sending lots of labour vibes to you! xx

  2. Dear new baby. Hold on until tomorrow. January babies are awesome. And then you can come into the world with as much kicking and screaming as you please.

    Can't wait to meet you.

  3. Drip and gel is a nasty thing hope he comes of his own accord. In your weekly udate you ook like he has dropped. Hope he is here soon.

  4. Woo Hoo! So exciting! Can't wait to hear about a baby boy update!

  5. Come out, come out wherever you are {errr, doesn't seem right but you get the point! Haha}.

    Sending you lots of love and eviction vibes. xox


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