Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby Daze

39 Weeks

The finish line is within sight! 
I have two more midwife appointments. Both of them will include a stretch and sweep, which for those of you who haven't had it done, is as awful as it sounds but is meant to help get things going. 
I got very excited when I jumped on the scales yesterday and my midwife exclaimed you've only put on 4 kilos! I was boasting and gloating all afternoon until I remembered I only started going there after my 20 weeks scan so the 10 kilos I put on before 20 weeks as well as the 4 I've put on since then, oops.
Everything is going pretty well, I'm awake at 3.30am every day without fail and only go back to sleep 5 minutes before someone climbs into bed with me but I don't feel like I'm struggling to stay awake during the day, an afternoon nap is always appreciated but I'm surviving ok without it. 
I think this boy is going to be bigger than his brothers I can feel him turning in my pelvis and when he moves around there's a lot of movement in funny places, it's that or he's stretching much further than his brothers did.
I got all the linen out of layby this week so once the Christmas presents are all out of his room I'll be able to finish off his room, I'm pretty excited about doing it really, it's basically the last thing I need to do, apart from pack my hospital bag, which I had sort of forgotten about, I don't really want to spend a huge amount of time in hospital so not planning on packing too much, although the thought of people bringing you food in bed for a few days while I lay around and nap and feed is tempting, I won't get another chance to do it!
I've got an induction date booked if the boy doesn't turn up on his own and so now were just playing the waiting game. 
I'm getting quite impatient to meet him, not so much to get it over and done with but once he's here our family will be done and we can move on to bigger and better things as a family of 6, me and my 5 boys!

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