Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wish List

So apart from not giving birth on Christmas day what I would really like would be much easier to arrange.
I know my lovely hubby has bought me some new jewels although not the 3K ring he wanted to buy me (thank heavens!) in a magical world where money grew on trees and I could justify spending stacks on me this is what I would ask for.

White Gold Black & White Diamond Belt Ring

I'm sure the belt ring is out of fashion or daggy because I freaking love it and I'm usually months behind the trend. I'm putting this on my baby gift list (hint hint Hubby!) 

A Raspberry coloured cast iron dish love from Jamie Oliver. Beautiful.

A fabulous lounge from King Furniture. Really do I need to say anything else? 

What's on your Christmas list? Do you think you'll get what you asked for? Or are you living in a dream world like me?? 

Cast Iron pot


  1. Love this list!

    Trying to figure out what that thing is sticking out from under the couch cushions- a vacuum cleaner?

  2. Great list! Hope you get what you want this year...and not that baby :P

  3. After 3 years with a couch on my wish list if I don't get a couch in 2012, I will scream. #justsayin

    GREAT list.


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