Sunday, December 11, 2011

The week that was

It's been a big week in our household, thankfully Michael come home tonight, so while I try to make the house look like someone loves it here are few (ok a lot!) of my favorite pics for the week. 

Charlie J waiting up for Daddy to get home from work, he was awake until 10.30pm. Gotta love his stamina! 

Putting up the tree, Jack getting 'tickled' (beaten) by Charlie with the tree


Missing my hunny heaps this week

Truck drivers parked three deep along the road across from my driveway, making it impossible to get out and for anyone who lives past us to get to there house, yep so over the sound of building! 

James calls this Santa dinner, anything with no hot veggies is Santa dinner because you have that sort of food at Santa time, makes sense yes?

Michael is a silly billy and let the boys play angry birds on his phone, they now have the bug and hassle me daily, I think this would satisfy them for a little while surely? 

My sparkly flashing Christmas bauble, isn't she pretty!

Morning tea outside before they boil. 

Major blowout, Michael suggested we put him on the shelf with wheezy, poor Woody. 

The first present for baby #4 is of course from my amazing sister. You know its an awesome present as well, best sister in the world x

Presents to be posted off to the family, why do we all live so far away from each other? 

Our duck population has grown, the first week it was a few ducks, yesterday there were 20 ducks waiting on our front lawn for bread. Can I class them as dependants now?

Crazy storm last night, I'm surprised we had power all the way through it. This was taken last night, by the light of lightening, it was so bright!

Even after a late night my small people were all up and in my bed by 6am, vat-o iced coffee for mummy this morning! 

Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Awwww Happy Sunday indeed!! Loved the photo story x


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