Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Daze

Week 37

I am officially classed as full term! I'm not due for another 3 weeks so even if I go 1 week over there's only 4 weeks left to go, I'm so ok with that! I was looking at bump pics of Charlie and found the same dress in my cupboard so thought I'd do a comparison, whataya reckon any difference? 

Same dress, same weeks pregnant with Charlie.

This time around, I don't think I look much different?

James and Charlie were almost identical when they were born, height, head circumference, the only difference was James was 30gms heavier, I'm guessing this boy will be around about the same.

I went to the doctors yesterday, only problem was I read the appointment date wrong and my appointment isn't actually until Monday. Oops. Talk about baby brain!  

It's been a really hot busy week and I've fallen off the housework band wagon big time, my pelvis hurts when I bend or lean more on one leg so vacuuming hurts, mopping hurts which means my floors are driving me nuts, if I stack the dishwasher I need to have a sit down because my feet hurt, seriously I'm not moving very quickly these days! Hopefully I'll get the nesting bug soon and go crazy! 

I spent a small fortune at Toys'R'Us this week, all baby stuff (sorry big boys) so if this boy is anything like his brothers, here is where you will find him at nap time for the first few months 

It swings by itself, has 18 different songs, and 6 swing speeds. A mobile with a mirror and toys on it, and the best bit? I put it together all by myself. Usually I would leave it to Michael but with him being away so much I figure I better learn to do this stuff by myself! 

A cute new play mat with loads of fun things to do on it. 

And this came with the swing, its a tummy time toy, I would probably never have bought one but hey it was free so I'll try it out! 

Jack's on school holidays now, so I plan to take it easy and get things done at my slow poke rate, I've bought all the Christmas presents, now I just need to wrap them and post the ones going far away then bring on Christmas, and before you know it, it'll be baby time! 

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  1. Oh there's really not much different! How exciting :)

    I've been on the search for a swing like that! Can you please tweet/fb/email me the details so I can go off and be the same as you? Thanks!


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