Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lazy or Clever?

I've been asking myself a lot lately is this lazy or clever parenting?

I know I'm not in the best condition to be doing everything I want/need to with the boys, but I keep coming up with ways of cheating and I don't know if I want to go back to the way it was before. Does this make me lazy or am I using my time and energy much smarter than before?

For example: Watering the grass, getting the kids to play outside and making them happy by letting them play in the water, while I rest with my feet up.  Lazy or great idea?

James and Charlie are our early risers, they tend to wake each other up and whilst Jack and I are quite happy to sleep they are ready to start the day at 5am. Yesterday I had enough, so last night I made cheese and vegemite sandwiches, filled up the boys drink bottles showed James where they were in the fridge and told him when they wake up instead of hassling me in my room they can watch cartoon and have their breakfast in front of the TV. Now I know this is bad lazy parenting and I should get up with them, but you know what in a month I'll probably be up at 5am with the new baby and I'll be happy for them to get in bed with me, for now I'd like to sleep for  few extra hours. 

So apart from thinking I'm a terrible parent, what do you think? Is taking short cuts cheating or is it just the way it needs to be with four kids under six? 


  1. Maybe you shouldn't have so many kids? Especially if you cannot do the basics that are required of a parent. What are you teaching your kids? To fend for themselves so you can sleep..........

  2. I don't see anything wrong with what you are doing. I learned from my old bestie that when her kids got up anytime before 6:30 on the weekend they were to make their own bowl of cereal and get on with playing etc. Once they can, why not?

    I think the hose and play is a fun idea? hubby turned on the sprinkler the other night as we were finishing dinner and the girls asked to play in it - sent them off with their umbrellas to avoid soaking before bed and they had a ball while hubby and I shared a glass of wine.

  3. Wow, that anonymous commentor was a bitch. Yuk.

    I think any heavily pregnant woman will know what you're going through. It's hot, sleep is kinda space to begin with, and you know it'll be even less soon.

    It's not like you've left them unprepared either- they have food and water! :-P

    I don't actually think there's anything wrong with teaching your kids to 'fend for thenselves', and the hose idea- BRILLIANT!

  4. Good Lord, who woke up one the wrong side of the bed this morning? I hope anonymous never comes to my house! You're doing a fabulous job Kate! I say do whatever you need to- especially when you have a husband away! There is a difference between 'bad' parenting, and a pregnant Mummy who is just trying to take it as easy as she can!

  5. Well it all depends on what ELSE you do :) If you feed them maccas every night, dont set any boundaries, scream at them bc its easier than listening, leave the little ones in gross dirty nappies, when the new one is born make the biggest boy look after it and so on... yep that'd be lazy. If you are 8 months pregnant and need every single bit of sleep you can get, your husband is at work, and you know the kids are ok - I say YOU GO GIRL!!! Why not let the kids have fun while you water the lawn? Sandwiches for breakfast - probably better than most cereals. Cartoons in the morning - I have 2 kids and they still watch ABC2 most mornings while I do stuff. I think you're awesome.

  6. Ooooh. Kate - are you Annonymous, and wrote a devils' advocate comment to get us to comment in your defence? If so you are clever :P

  7. What's the bet that anon is not a parent? Or a parent of one little angel who never tantrums?

    Bet she would have something to say about all the times when I was heavily pregnant that I would put on the Wiggles, lay some apples on the dining room table and have a nap on the couch. You do what you have to in order to get through and, shockingly, it may actually teach our children some responsibility.

    As for the lawn thing, meh. I don't consider that lazy at all- I wouldn't have stood the whole time either. In fact, I may have propped the hose up against something so it sprayed on it's own and I could get on with reading my book!

  8. yeah, that KT is anonymous is a possible, also that it was Michael, but who cares ? I reckon my daughter is an awesome parent - end of story. How I wish my mum had approved my early starts !!! x

  9. Thank you lovelies!
    Dad you have to say that, your my Dad : )
    Tab yep it was totally me muwhahahahaha. I think your awesome as well, and no dirty nappy here, were attempting toilet training (eek!)

  10. I just came to say...totally smart and not lazy! In fact I wish I had thought of that!

    As for Anon, everybody has said what I think(including your dad!)and don't let a nasty troll get you down xx


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