Monday, December 26, 2011

Ah Kismas!

We've had a cracker of a Christmas. 
Lots of people good weather, great food, too many presents and early to bed on Christmas night. Perfect. 
Here's a few million photos. 

Christmas toilet paper.

Baked ham

Mediterranean salad before it was roasted and covered in olives and feta. 

Tree with the presents, all ready to go!

Ho Ho Ho! 

James with his new bike

Nice scooter Jacky boy! 

Pop up tent a little bigger than I expected, maybe for outside instead? 

I see you Charlie!

The boys new Uncle Fluffy spinning Charlie around, these boys are going to miss him when he's goes back to work!

Lets go!

He likes to move it, move it.

Cute shirt bud!

Uncle Fluffy playing sandcastles with the boys

Mrs Claus buys some good pressies!


Now if you excuse me I'm off for a nap. 


  1. Wow that looked like a fantastic day had by all!!! Love the toilet paper and tent!!! Just imagine your growing brood next Christmas. Happy New Year love x

  2. OMG. What a cool day you guys had. I think that tent is almost big enough for me to sleep in when I visit. :P


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