Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It really is summer time here, and my boys are definatly feeling it.
I am forever wiping sweaty hair off faces so yesterday when Michael suggested he cut the boys hair I said sure, it's got to be cooler for them, and they were all starting to look a little bit like beatle extras. 
What happened next is not what I was expecting from a 'haircut' 

Before~They were all too excited to stand still or look at me, but I knew I wanted a photo of them with hair. 



Charlie watching what Daddy was doing to his brothers. 

After~My children now look like extras from Romper Stomper. I was expecting short but not to the scalp short! I said once before I was never letting Michael cut the kids hair again, now I remember why! Sorry hun it's back to the hairdressers for a cut from now on! 

My baby is no longer a baby that's for sure! 

Thankfully it's still a while before school starts so no creepy first day of school photos for us, the boys love it and have been feeling their own heds and rubbing each others heads, but mummy is not loving it. 


  1. Your kids are adorable = hair or not! DH took the clippers to C's head recently too. He left hair on top but number 1 on the sides. The kid looks like he should join the army!!

  2. Oh wow! My husband would never dare! hehe

    They look cute with and without hair though - they can all pull off the shaved head look with their lovely shaped heads. :D

  3. looks great - tell em that 10 years ago their grandad was wearing that look xxx

  4. Oh no! I would kill Jim if he ever does that to Cooper! Luckily your boys are cute and can get away with it :)


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