Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm not stressed.

Yesterday we had a big day, I was happy, things were slipping into place. Life seemed to be giving us a big pat on the back.
Today I got the phone call you don't want to get from your doctor when your pregnant.
Can you come in and see me today? Its urgent.
Luckily Michael heard the panic in my voice when I called him and came straight into town, he's the person to deal with in crisis. I melt down and blank out he's good at listening and getting things done.
Listening to the doctor he said abnormalities and my heart was in my throat. More blood tests, another ultrasound, hospitals. Appointments.
My very tiny baby is not having a good start to life. The umbilical cord is missing an artery. Not a huge problem in itself, it's workable. Extra care. No being overdue.
The baby has signs of Downs Syndrome, only 'soft' signs, which means not big in your face signs. I'm being sent to Brisbane to have some amniotic fluid taken and tested. But not for another 5 weeks. If were having a baby with Downs I'd like to know now so I can prepare myself, know all the details, I need details.
So for the next 5 weeks I am meant to not stress and try not to worry about it. There is still a small baby in my belly.

Can you see me not stressing or worrying about it?


  1. Oh, what a worry - I hope everything turns out well. I had a shocking nuchal result with my eldest son. '1 in 68 chance of severe abnormalities inconsistent with life' & I had to wait a few weeks before I could have a CVS, then wait another 2 weeks for the result. Stress doesn't even start to cover it!! BUT the result was a healthy baby boy, I just wept at my desk when I found out. So chin up, it could be all ok. My thoughts are with you :-)
    Mrs BC

  2. Kate, I couldn't read and not comment. I hope the next few weeks pass quicklyand you can get some answers (althouh I know it will most likely crawl by)

    My thoughts are with your fmily and hoping for good news for you

  3. I can understand that you are scared and stressed- it's a lot to take on and naturally you are going to worry about it. Will pray that everything is okay with your tiny baby and you'll get nothing but good news for your Brisbane appointment.

  4. Hi There, I hope all is ok for you guys, and you know that whatever your lil bub is or is not, it wont change now so no matter how much you worry or stress it wont change anything.... I know it would have to be pretty much the only thing on your mind, I hope you can relax (as much as possible) and I am thinking of you guys and praying for an outcome thats positive!!!!
    p.s you seem like a pretty positive person so this bubs got the right mummy!!!!!

  5. Oh no. What a shit little turn around. And such a big wait.

    Let us know if you need ANYTHING while in Brissy. We'll sort you out. Big love to you. And bub.

    Do your best, ok. Breathe. xoxo

  6. Thanks you everyone, I'm about to post an update. What a crazy week!


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