Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do you get it?

Sometimes things just baffle me.
When we're children our parents teach us that everyone is the same on the inside. Just because you look different on the outside doesn't mean your less of a person. Teasing other people is rude and mean. It's not a good way to make friends, other people aren't going to like you if your mean. For a while as children we all understand this. Then something happens sometime before puberty and kindness seems to go out the window.
'Kids are cruel' is a phrase I hear far to often. I think grown ups are cruel.
Even though were not on the playground any more some of us feel the need to belittle others. To make others feel small and insignificant.
What do people get out of it?
Does it make them feel better, do they sleep better at night knowing that they've upset a stranger/friend/family member/colleague?
Obviously somewhere in high school these people didn't get the memo that teasing makes you look like a fool.    


  1. great post.

    and you're right, kids can be cruel and mean but they learn that from somewhere, from someone - it doesn't come naturally to most children, it's behaviour that they see and then mimic.

    when kids are mean, you could chalk it up to age and not knowing any better, perhaps not truly grapsing how hurtful their words can be to someone else but when adults do it?

    i struggle to see how anyone could feel good or "big" about putting someone else down and making them feel horrible about themselves.


  2. Thank you. Its a crazy way to live you life I think. Can't possibly be a nice way to live!


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